0304 by Jewel – Trainwreckords

New series! In this show, we’ll be looking at the records that ended thriving careers, and we’re starting with the album that turned Jewel Kilcher from folksinger poet to poor man’s Britney Spears

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  1. It’s a shame this ended up killing her career because I do like a lot of Jewel’s music. “Hands” is one of my favorite songs of the 90s.

  2. I don’t think I know any Jewel songs. I actually might want to try some of her older stuff. It sounds like the calm sound that I occasionally listen to. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about this series.

  3. Like the new segment todd

  4. I liked “Intuition” when I was a kid, and I still kinda do. Probably because it was the only song of hers that I knew.

  5. Jewel is hardly my cup of tea despite being generally inoffensive, but the music of 0304 could not be anymore different from her usual stuff. However, that really wasn’t the end of her as the last song of hers I’ve heard was “Again and Again” in the mid-2000s, which was a return to her typical style. (also, I hate the newer style of Nelly Furtado)

  6. Great show looking forward to more Todd. I remember hearing that song from her thinking wtf. Glad the mystery was cleared up.

  7. Jewel’s early hits had a strange way of making feeling sleepy no where they plained. Liked a form of audio herbal tea effect. I admit to also finding her somewhat lacking in depth, but at least she seemed genuine. Than this came out!

    There was one part of this video that makes me laugh. The fake TRL quote about how much better Jewel’s music is now that she dances. Mainly because I always found those TRL quotes annoying. But yeah, if you really wanted make a convincing parody of cheap commercialism you probably shouldn’t have made it all about the hot new YOU. George Michael did this more effectively with his Papa was a Rolling Stone cover. He kept himself out of the video entirely!

  8. See that’s why I hate Americans!

  9. Scratch that: That’s why I hate the still-Capitalist Imperialist culturally real both Black and White Americans and not just because of pop music sometimes.

  10. I always liked Stand on a passive “that sounds nice” level, seeing the lyrics to it all over again is awfully vapid, I still think that hook is better than anything Furtado did, but yeah, quite vapid.

    Fun new concept anyway, happy to see more of it.

  11. 4:35 Much like you point out, “Entertainment reporters” like the people on MTV or ET or E! network or etc. are usually just so blase toward singers, actors, or other entertainers and just let them rant about BS that makes no sense that when something like this actually happens, I’m completely awestruck as well. I’m surprised this was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for Kurt Loder after all of the BS that I’ve seen on MTV but I did say it was a straw after all.

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