10 Films You Probably Haven’t Heard of Panel (Brocon 2015)

Hagan talked about obscure films at Brocon 2015. The films discussed are: C Me Dance, Clash of Empires, Mercury Man, Mystics in Bali, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Wild Zero Zsazsa Zaturrnah and Cockhammer!*


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  1. That are definitely films I never have heard of. ^^
    I’m not into those films yet, but you are good at making them look……. well, not good, but interesting. xD

  2. I am a bit proud that I’ve seen at least one of the films “Six String Samurai”. I used to have it a long time ago….sigh…

  3. I caught myself watching Hagan watch the trailers half the time. HAIL HAGAN!

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