10 Years of Nostalgia Critic

Doug talks about playing Nostalgia Critic for TEN amazing years! You all make it possible and we couldn’t be more thankful!

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Still no blue arrow on his forehead. What’s up with that?


Thankyou doug! you are awesome! I’ll look forward to watching another ten years 🙂


I’m so glad that things are working out for you, Doug. It shows that it is possible to find joy. Thanks for giving me years of laughs. I’ve been watching from high school to now as an adult. It’s so comforting to still have something around for that long. That’s really special. 😀

Chicken Puppet

You’re Welcome.

Yeah, it was all me…I accept your thanks.


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this Mike guy before. I always thought you owned the website. I’m getting used to your shaved head. Hey, I did my longest YouTube video ever! More Phantom Menace references! Thanks for not using one in your “Norm Of The North” review!


Good for you, you lucky bastard who get’s paid for having so much or even too much fun, Happy 10th anniversary from this Russian-American who lives in Brooklyn, NYC.

You are kind of both a gift or a entertaining blessing and an obsessive lonely curse on my life, but really you are so fucking lucky and happy and successful and have constant support I don’t have and parents (well at least still your joyous, loving father to actually help and organize, I mean work directly with you 24/7, I mean wow, what a blessing cause I know your mother, God rest her soul I guess), Who wouldn’t be jealous or envious of you and your crew and everyone around if they knew about you? Because not everyone (who’s a… Read more »