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Things are back on track, and by back on track I of course mean, they’re in a casino gambling. Also, the origin of the mirror and Wolf plots a way to get into our hero’s pants. ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff…’

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  1. I wish i’d found this show like 2 months from now instead of like while you’re just starting my fav series ever. I prefer binge watching instead of having to wait for it like some kind of “pre-internet animal”. The internet has made it impossible for me to wait for things. I want it all now!

    • The miniseries has existed since 99′ DVD’s were issued twice, you can watch the source material (or read the novel adaptation, remember those?) easily

      • I’ve watched the miniseries several times since I was a child, the main point is I want someone to tell me what happens and give snippy remarks while doing so.

  2. Based on the descriptions and snippets seen in the review, I’m having trouble understanding how this miniseries is so highly praised. The writing and attempts at humor sound repetitive and forced, even without being told how redundant the Prince acting like a dog is. This really sounds like a clutter of arbitrary fairy tale references that don’t fit together. I hope Snow White’s backstory was vastly different from the original, because inviting a murderer into your house and eating all their poison does not sound like a good lesson on decision-making or courage.

    • I’ll tell you a good chunk of it. Fangirls love the wolf. He is the perfect character for them (us, if I’m being honest) to fetishize, equal parts wolf and puppy dog. Or in more human terms, equal parts hypermasculine sexual predator, and adoring sweet broken child you can take care of. I once watched this miniseries with a group of female friends, and they literally squealed every time he was on screen. And this is a highly intelligent bunch, who were simultaneously picking apart the pacing and writing (all of them had degrees in film, literature or theater, and scrutinize just about every piece of media they consume) while going googly eyed over wolf. Problems didn’t matter, they were acknowledged, but unimportant in the face of all the feels.

      • Interesting. Shameless fanservice I can understand but I rarely hear about it overcoming so much. A lot of works relying on pretty boy appeal still become popular targets of criticism and ridicule, even when they’re fairly harmless. Makes me wonder what keeps the 10th Kingdom safe.

        It could contain important lessons on inoffensive fanservice that could revolutionize the world… or it’s just under the radar enough to dodge snark.

        • I don’t think they realized beforehand exactly what Scott Cohen (Wolf) would do with the role. He brought an enormous amount of enthusiasm and charisma to the performance.
          He’s also a significant source of comic relief throughout the whole series, which isn’t something you can say about many characters written with the intention of being smoldering heartthrobs.

          • Are you sure? “Charmingly befuddled guy” is a rom com staple for a reason. Here mixed with the ever popular “tortured bad boy so crazy for a girl he struggles to change.” In a padded miniseries where his pining is designed to fill up hours. During which the most beastly he gets is the ever popular vampire look. Not to mention the person he instantly falls for is an ordinary girl from the real world.

            Call me a cynic, but that strikes me as somebody a market research team put together specifically to appeal to women.

  3. ManWithGoodTaste

    This is so very strange. When I was watching the thing, I found nothing wrong with it.

    Not to bash on people for not liking what I like, just… finding to hard to understand why would someone find problems where I see none.

    • I watched this series when it first premiered and have rewatched every year since. Sure, it’s a little hokey, but I also think it’s unique and enormously charming. For me, there’s always been much, much more to enjoy from it than there is to complain about.

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