12 Forget-Me-Not Valentines – Familiar Faces

How do I love these! Let’s count the ways!

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Familiar Faces, the show that gives a second look at the underrated and forgotten characters from your favorites, new and old.


  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Now I’m wondering if anybody else will watch this today but I think you posted it one day early but oh well earlier the better. Good list I hoped you’d put Rick and Morty on this list but since you’d mention it earlier I guess I was wrong. Oh well!!

    I’d seen that madly Madagascar special on Netflix alot but never bothered watching but since you spoiled the whole thing for me I guess I’ll just watch ed,ed,and eddy and Charlie Brown’s valentines day special(BTW knew the Charlie Brown valentines day special would be on this list tbh).

  2. CR, who is that you have paired with Peridot?

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for including Tak, The Hideous New Girl. It’s one of my favourite Zim episodes.
    I even used Zims line when he thinks Tak is in love with him, aka “I have come to accept your feelings for me. I congratulate you for acknowledging my superiority in choosing me as your love-pig. FEEL HONORED!” on my girlfriend (she was in on it. We did it to mess with her classmates)

    Oh! And when you mentioned Winnie the Pooh I thought it was another Valentines special they did where Rabbit forbids Valentine because last year Pooh bombared them all with cards. “More than any rabbit will ever need!”
    But someone gives Valentines gifts anyway and the whole thing snowballs out of proportion. It was a pretty funny episode. And it has one of my favourite quotes:
    Rabbit: Since when does a Valentines Day play need powderkegs?
    Tigger: Since I was made in charge of the special effects.

  4. Snoopy’s “Pawpet Theater” really was was a thing in the 1970s, around the time the Valentine special came out.

  5. Omg CR, thank you for mentioning Marlene/Skipper. I did not expect that at all and seeing it made my friggin’ day (I thought I was the only one seeing the ship)

    But out of this list Arnold’s Valentine is my favorite. I think the craziness of it is great and how they could fit so much in one episode astounds me. Also, the idea that they’re only 9-10 years old in it and going through so much drama makes me laugh, but it feels realistic too.

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