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IngSoc, Newspeak, and terrapins all the way down. The turtles were busy. You know how it is. Orwell is loved by everyone, because 1984 is a cornucopia of horrors and you can pick your (least) favourite.

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  1. This is one of the only classic books that I read back in school. I didn’t like it because it was so gloomy.

  2. I never read it. Saw the movie and didn’t understand it.

    I later learned it’s because I found it too unrealistic. The big flaw with 1984 is that it forgets the fundamental reason why people allow a dictatorship to happen in the first place: bread and circuses.

  3. I’ve read 1984 before, but the way you describe 1984….

    Well, think I finally found something that horrifies me more than Nazis.

    With Nazis, there are specific rules and a centrilized government and everything is clear. Even if you’re Jewish, you know exactly who your enemies are and how to avoid pissing them off long enough to get the hell out of there.

    In general, I don’t like it when Authority is vague or arbitrary. My whole childhood, I’ve been yelled at without knowing why I was being yelled at or how to avoid being yelled at. Result; Paranoia.

    Both are horrible, but gun to my head if I had to pick one, I’ll shave off the sides of my moustache right now.

  4. What terrified me the most in 1984 is the part when O’Brien questions Winston. There is a part of the conversation where O’Brien says that the past is what we make it to be. The past does not exist anymore. If we erase its artifacts, if we change the books, the past will be what we want it to be. Like Big Brother invented the plane. He also says that reality is subjective. “We’re alone in this room. If I say that I am floating like bubble, and that you agree that I’m floating like a bubble, then I am floating like a bubble.”

    That made me realize that subjectivity, when its more valued than objectivity, is the golden path to totalitarianism. It terrorized me because our society is more and more based on subjectivism and “relativism”. People do not take reality for what it is, but for what they like it to be. In that view, all opinions are equal. Which allows people with no scientific background whatsoever to deny climate change, for exemple. Without objectivity, it becomes hard, even impossible, to deny the elucubrations of a would be dictator.

    Well, when I say dictator, this is subjective. Because in 1984, whether Big Brother exists or not is of no consequence at all…

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