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This week: A new definition for “pissed off customer, ” the rise of the Blue Vest Bandit and an engagement in a Walmart goes exactly how you’d think.

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  1. That Wal-Mart cashier did not do his or her job. Every cashier has their own code to access the register; It is pounded into cashiers’ heads that they are not to share the code with anyone, and if they walk away from their register, they need to sign-out. This is the same for every retail business, regardless of whether it’s Wal-Mart or Saks Fifth Avenue.

    I feel sorry that the person probably lost his job but he was put in charge of money; He needed to pay attention.

    • I was going to say the same thing. I used to be a cashier at Wal-Mart, and I never would have left my register without logging off. I also never would have taken the word of someone I didn’t know that I needed to be seen in the office. That cashier deserved to be fired.

      • I was in RDA chat that night, and the main theory being bounced around was that the guy might have been a ex-employee who used his own code and a disgruntled one at that which explains why he robbed the money in the first place and had a vest on him.

  2. Whelp, when the discussion of Service Animals came up, I was expecting a discussion of a story shared with me by a co-worker, regarding a Service Turkey on a plane. To find out a real Guide Dog was involved…well it was a pleasant surprise but the guy’s still an asshole.

  3. I remember being quoted on WTFIWWY once by Nash in the past, but this is the first time i ever been quoted by TaraD. That was totally awesome. 😀

    Also, geeze over reaction much man? And a Veteran no less? Just, seriously dude, you just wasted teaching your daughter a important lesson about petting someone’s animal. At least he turned himself in than be a prick and evade capture.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Man that guy has got to be the biggest ahole beside those parents who let there kid drift out to see over 50 miles. I mean punching an elderly person who’s a veteran he is a well trained fighter pilot who is too old he can barely move and needs that dog but I’m surprised the dog didn’t bite him like a guard dog would.

    Also my two new lines from Nash:*You are not a MONKEY!!!* and *fire plus gasoline:BOOM*!!!!

  5. You know, those games are well packaged, if my local retailer was just throwing out maybe peed on Video Games and Amiibo, I’d take em!
    Hell, its nothing some Lysol, rubber gloves, and careful unwrapping wont fix.
    That being said, as a former store standards at Wal-Mart: fuck that guy!
    Not just for the piss, not because I know what it’s like to be that wage slave that has to clean up after shitheads, but because he used the mobility scooter.
    Fuck anyone who uses those things without proper cause!
    They are meant for the old, the injured, the disabled, or the old, injured, and disabled, they are NOT for the fat and/or lazy! you have legs asshole, use them!!!

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