5 Games Purposely Made TERRIBLE by Dickish Developers – Fact Hunt

Have you ever sat back and thought… Why do game developers spend years on a game, fully aware that it’s not very good? Well, sometimes developers do it entirely on purpose, even worse for really nasty reasons too! Guru Larry looks at five such examples.

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I found the one with Donkey Kong to be the most fascinating case here. I mean corporate grab-ass with Infinite and Watchdogs is nothing new, but Coleco totally cleaned house with that scam. Almost seems like that company was taken over by time travelers out to capitalize on commercial success of the budding gaming industry.

Chicken Puppet

As much as I love Larry, his video was slightly misleading this time, but probably not intentionally.

Everything was true except that the Atari 2600 could never have ran a version of Donkey Kong that looked as good as the ColecoVision version, the hardware wasn’t capable of it.

Even if they did their best (which they didn’t, Atari version is quite poor) the ColecoVision version would have to be gimped significantly in order to make them identical.


Okami…Katamari Damacy…RE4…and more… I hope that montage doesn’t go with the narration about making games terrible, because seriously?

I also think you’re forgetting the important part about Watch_Dogs 2: It’s actually FUN, “fellow kids” vibe or not.

Chicken Puppet

Actually, while some of it may be true and intentional, ColecoVision WAS a more powerful console than Atari or Intellevision.

At least it’s games were capable of nicer looking graphics for the time. Look at any Youtube video of top ColecoVision games, there’s stuff that the Atari 2600 was simply not capable of.

That being said, the Atari Donkey Kong was simply terrible, but it could never have looked as nice as the ColecoVision version.


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