5 New Features For Pokemon Go – Il Neige

Pokemon go has taken the world by storm, and brought a Licki-ton of bugs along with it. Niantic is already hard at work on the first batch of fixes, so here are a few new features that could help make the app even better.

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  1. I think the reason why there are so many Rattatas is in the name…as we all know Rats and Mice go nuts on the breeding. XD LOL

    I used to work at a pet store back when I was in High School for a after school job, so I can make jokes about that. XD

  2. Call it Dresden or Constantine

  3. Yeah, the radar definitely needs some tweaking. I had a cubone on my radar that never got any closer than 3 prints, and I walked from one end of a park to the other, then a 90 degree turn, and about four blocks to a coffee shop (I was footsore enough from hatching eggs I wasn’t going to actively chase it down)

  4. I feel the problem with changing gyms quickly will make it so that everyone will pick one team and make the game unfair.

  5. New Il Neige video!!! Yaaay!!! Hope you can post new What We Had To Watch soon (and the problems you had that put you on break are all better)

    I was never able to get into Pokemon in my youth (I think all my information comes from reviewers such as yourself talkign about it) but I can so see why this has taken off, especially among long time fans. Might give it a shot myself

    Good luck catching them all!!! 🙂

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