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All my friends are wasted, I hate this club, let’s PARTY?

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  1. One song I got wrong for a really long time was Diane by Therapy.
    The song was so pretty I just didn’t hear the lyrics… Then I payed attention to them and.. OMG.

  2. Here’s an interesting idea: songs from musicals that cause controversy when taken out of context. I got two examples right here: Blame Canada and Springtime for Hitler.

    • When I was in high school, we had exchange students from Germany visit our school. Part of the exchange program was taking them to a musical in the city. We had to cancel that part because the show that was running at the time was The Producers. Regardless of context, anything involving Nazism isn’t something most Germans are prepared to laugh at.

      • Wow… hate to say it but that is incredibly ignorant and racist from your school. Thinking that just because we are Germans, that we can’t get a laugh out of nazism. I mean the Musical The Producers was even played in Germany, as an english and a german version, complete with Springtime for Hitler. I mean one of the most popular books here is “Er ist wieder da” (He is back again) which is about Hitler waking up in the 21 century and is making fun about him and how he sees the modern media to be even worse than himself and uses Youtube for Propagand, it’s really funny. We are not stuck in the 1940s here and only a very small part of Germans are actually nazis (ther is a nest of them is Saxony though. Not to be confused with Lower-Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, those are completely different “states”). Heck, there are probably more nazis in the USA than Germany.

        • Sorry if I was unclear in my explanation, but I never meant to imply that I or the school thought all Germans were Nazi sympathizers; the opposite, in fact. The concern was for how seriously German culture views references to Nazis, and it came from the administrations of both schools involved in the exchange as well as our German teacher, an immigrant from Germany herself. I should probably clarify that this was way back in 2003 and I’m certain attitudes have changed. I apologize for the misunderstanding and hope that clears it up.

  3. As a kid, when the Spice Girls were the hype, I remember singing the song 2 Become 1 so often…not realizing what the song was even about.

  4. N’aww, your son is SO CUTE! x3

  5. “People like pop music, right?”
    Wrong, I suspect people are told to like pop music, but find it difficult to believe anyone actually does, and only listen to it to fit in. As such they actively try to block it out as they listen to it.

    Took a pill – Todds review is actually the only exposure I’ve had to this song.

  6. Wait, The Monster Mash is about communism-Oh……damn, you got me there Suede! XP

    But Wow, good luck being a extra in that movie, I am looking forward to hearing more about it here in The States if possible. That is great! 😀

  7. This topic reminds me of the song “Cowboy in Me” by Tim McGraw. You would expect, as in a lot of country songs, for it to associate cowboys with freedom and adventurousness. Listening closer to the lyrics paints it in a much more negative light. The song relates the protagonist’s cowboy nature to restlessness and recklessness; willing to waste the blessings he’s been given in life in pursuit of some vaguely defined “better life”. He’s afraid his wanderlust will end up costing him his fortune and the love of his life.

  8. ok so as someone with borderline personality disorder and bipolar… Chandelier resonates with me so hard. it’s about being manic, in my mind, and doing party behaviors and such but in a fundamentally ill way that is ultimately killing u inside

  9. as somebody who spends a lot of time absolutely trashed at frat parties…. nobody drinks to Swimming Pools lmaooooo. we get fucked UP to maad city, though. that’s true.

  10. I listen to all these songs, pretty much one of them a day. While they are dark and depressing lyrics at points they are comforting that other people feel the same way about life and such. I really enjoy listening to All my Friends on the way to the party or club because yeah this party aspect of life is kinda of pointless, but when you know that you can just accept things a go with the flow. I do waste my Friday nights swinging on chandelier. Then walking home in the middle of the night, I listen to Swimming Pools or Marvin’s Room by Drake. These songs are made to make you think. Even when people abuse themselves listening to them, maybe these songs or a lyrics can hit the cord and save them a little bit.

  11. I suspect many people enjoy pop music because most of it is insubstantial, so they don’t bother to think about the lyrics at all. Then when a pop song sneaks in that sounds visually appealing and also has deeper or subversive meaning, the core audience aren’t paying enough attention to catch it.

  12. An interesting video. I knew Chandelier was a sad song or at the best, mixed. The other songs I don’t listen to or I’ve never heard of. A funny example of songs people get wrong is that my mom always accidentally listens to dirty songs. She’s says “I don’t know what he’s saying but this beat is good!” I sometimes let her know but sometimes I just feel like being a troll. ^.^

  13. Dawwww, MiniSuede (Suedeling?) is adorable.

  14. You really want a good example of missing the point of a song or not listening to the lyrics. Pick up a Kid’s Bop CD. Guaranteed there will be a least one song on it that is completely inappropriate for children to be singing. It doesn’t matter what the subject of the song is, just that it’s popular.

    Nevermind that there is a Disney version of Mambo No. 5. You know, the song about seducing women, having sex with them and then moving onto the next. They replace the women’s names with Disney characters including Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Pluto. They changed some of the other lyrics a little bit too, but not the important ones, so it just kind of comes off as icky.

  15. I can’t think of a recent song but one particularly subtle example of dissonance between song and meaning would be Everything’s Coming Up Roses from the musical Gypsy, which I did not realize for decades until I saw the musical. In that case the tune and lyrics suggest a simple celebration of good fortune but the context in the play/movie and perhaps the inflection of the performer reveal that it is an act of desperate denial of circumstances by the character. Of course some songs are just amenable to multiple meanings depending on context.

    A depressing or serious subject masked by a happy/whimsical tune no doubt reflects actual complex emotional context like repression, pretending to be happy when sad etc., but any such subtlety sets a song up to be misunderstood by audiences.

  16. One that has been kinda been making me laugh lately is I keep seeing control by halsey used for like fanworks…. are people not aware it’s about bipolar disorder? Like I am not sure if she has COME OUT AND SAID it but she has bipolar and if you have ever had a manic episode you’ll immediately notice the song is basically a description of having one. A BAD one if “the kids are crying out please stop you’re scaring me”. Nooot really a thing that is badass as much as absolutely terrifying because the cops might come shoot you because you’re scary. That is a mental breakdown song it goes on the mental breakdown playlist.

  17. Let’s all dance to this happy little ditty.
    That’s a funeral dirge.

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