50 Shades of Grey – Shameful Sequels

Shameful Sequels is back!

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  1. First! Great to see ya back!

  2. What the heck is reading?

  3. Guess who’s back? Back again! MikeJ’s back. Tell a friend!

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Glad to see your back and screenwave didn’t reject you. Good review and no perfect movie to start with them 50 shades the movie all the moms and girls who saw it loved but other than that everybody much hated it. Can’t wait to see more from you and who knows when you’ll post these!!!!

  5. Wow, for a movie that’s just for sex, it seemed to take a long time. Also, Danny Elfman? Wow. From this review, I mean I like crap but this… O.O … I have no words. 😀

  6. Don’t worry, Mike, people who are actually into BDSM hate this shit too.

    • Oh, and all the problems with this movie are completely consistent with the books. Stupid dialogue, unintentionally abusive relationship, very little sex for a smut novel, and you don’t get a sense the people making it actually like BDSM. And, if you would believe it, the BDSM part is even less important in the sequels!

    • It’s not successful because it shows BDSM, but because the audience is too embarrassed to talk about, or try any of this. That’s why it’s only read by boring people and horny teens, who don’t want to consume porn instead. However, it’s more embarassing seeing teens and elderly reading that book in restaurants or so than them consuming porn in private.

      • Seriously, if you are into this stuff (and I am), it’s probably gonna be too tame for your taste, and you’re probably gonna be off-put by the consent *issues*. Even if you’re into fictional non-consent since it’s obviously unintentional. If you’re curious about it, I’d recommend avoiding it for being a completely unrealistic depiction of BDSM and, for that matter, accidentally showing an abusive relationship. If you’re neither of the above, you *might* get a kick out of the “ooh, risqué” factor, but it’s still boring.

        The books are almost worth reading for the hilariously bad writing, though. Almost.

  7. I wouldn’t put it past Elfman to score an actual porn.

    Happy to have you back, sir.

  8. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Marcia Gay Harden is a chick, Mike

  9. Yay! Glad to see you bring back SS.

  10. Glad to see you back as well, Mike. Though how is this a “Shameful Sequel”?

  11. It’s pretty obvious the main “character” was originally supposed to be Bella. She’s clumsy. Like Bella! She’s bland. Like Bella! She has shit taste in men. Like Bella!

  12. No, no, no, Mike! You’re using the Kindle /ALL WRONG/! You’re supposed to read from it for an hour or two at a time, not a month straight!

  13. Way to start off the return off the on the wrong foot by reviewing a movie that’s not a sequel.

  14. İ am actually interested how they can make a film with the sequels. The book sequel has no story at all. They are doing the same things without the start of the (romantic) relation. The third story of the book is at least something else. İn that one they are together and someone tries to murder the main persons of interest of the book.

  15. See! I knew you still had it in you Mike mate!
    Funny review, I for one have missed Shameful Sequels and was so glad to see its return! Thank you 🙂

  16. “What the hell is this bullshit?!!!” should be the tagline for this abomination.

    We all know how misogynistic it is and how it pretends that rape and abuse are BDSM, but I was honestly disappointed when I watched this shlock. I thought it was gonna be so bad it’s hilarious, but it was just so damn boring. It’s the most boring crap ever put on paper or film, and for the life of me I can’t see the appeal for anyone. The sex scenes are ridiculous, the dude is a complete psycho, and she has the personality of wet cardboard. The actors don’t even have any chemistry. Crikey.

    Anyway, great episode. I’m so glad you’re back! <3

  17. Hooray, Shameful Sequels is back. I am glad to see more videos. 🙂 Thank you for this episode.
    Is this a movie? It is like calling Twilight a Vampire story or Justin Bieber a musician. Basically this thing is a rip-off of “The Secretary” and “9 1/2 Weeks”.
    Two german YouTubers, who BTW are fans of Channel Awesome, did four videos abotu BDSM when this movie came out, including a review of this movie, of “The Secretary” and two fact-based videos. In one of those, they explained that it is acutally normal to make such contacts, to fit the agreements between the Dominant part and the sub-part. I am not sure, but I have no reason not to believe it. But they agreed, that this movie is shit and has nothing to do with BDSM. The Secretary is apparently a better representation of this kind of fetish.
    And speaking of proper porno? I heard there was a movie from 2012 called “Fifty Shades of Grey – A XXX Adaptation”, based on that book and parts from the sequel (according to Wikipedia), a movie which is not released anymore because Universal Pictures (or whoever made this” and E.L. James sued them for copyright infringement, saying that that movie is a rip-off, not a parody. Seriously?

  18. I forgot this existed, stop taking too much time. 😛

  19. Yay for this being back, this site is really getting barren with good material lately.

    Although I kinda sorta wonder how is this a “sequel”.. 🙂

  20. Wait…so…she read the contract that explained all the kinky stuff he was into, signed it voluntarily and was then surprised by the kinky stuff he was into and conflicted about participating in it? Wouldn’t her conflicted feelings be something she should have dealt with before signing it?
    Also for a guy who isn’t into romance he sure behaves a lot like every billionaire love interest in every Harlequin romance novel about fucking a billionaire that has ever been written…almost as though he were created by someone who reads a lot of that sort of novel. But, seriously, if he doesn’t think buying her presents and taking her on dates and meeting her parents falls under the umbrella of “romantic stuff” then what the hell does he think “romantic stuff” is?

  21. Yay! Glad you brought this back Mike!

  22. How is it a sequel?

  23. Welcome back, Mike! We missed you 🙂 And GOD did you pick a stinker to start off on. Good choice!

  24. Nice to see this is back. I was starting to get worried.

  25. Hey Mike, you know there is another Baby Geniuses movie that was just released, right? 😛

  26. Hot Pants and a Christmas Biscuit, Shameful Sequels are BACK! I was worried it was gone for good.

  27. Honestly, I found a lot of Ana’s lines genuinely funny. “Like your X-Box” and “Are you gay?”, for example. They should have just made this a comedy.

  28. I fast forwarded through this pile of shit, there was almost no nudity, so what’s the point then ?

  29. 1:40 – That’s not irony. That’s a coincidence. Irony would be if his last name was Celibate.

    2:00 – What did she trip on?

    4:20 – When he said written consent did he really mean legally binding silence?

    5:20 – BDSM, as written by someone who doesn’t quite get what BDSM is.

    • 5:20- I know, right? I’m a virgin and even I know that spanking is BDSM 101, if that’s the worst he think of then he must have just bought all that stuff a week or so before meeting her.

  30. Maybe they can make a special Razzie just for the line.

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