6 Inconsistencies in Dragon Ball Super – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragon Ball, on the whole, is filled with plot holes and inconsistencies. Akira Toriyama isn’t ashamed to admit that! So today, we will look at Dragon Ball Super and list some of its little errors that have garnered my attention. Let’s discuss what they are and what could be done to fix them.


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  1. Devil's Advocate

    I’m still upset with the inconsistency in Goku’s characterization. having watched Kai witch is supposed to be closer to the manga, I did not see that much of a difference between that Goku and the noble, almost Jesus like figure from the original Funimation dub. not sure Toyiama completely knows what his own character is supposed to be.

  2. I don’t know. I think the Universe 6 Saiyans’ power-ups are FAR more egregious than Frieza’s.

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