6/22/16 – Comic Books Weekly

This week’s reviews: Action Man #1, Usagi Yojimbo #155, Overwatch #1-6, & Power Up Volume 1.

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  1. When I heart Usagi Yojimbo, all I can think of is that one Nostalgia Critic video. “You sucky your jimbo?” LOL. ^.^ Also, why would Michael Bay do My Little Pony? I love Michael Bay movies and even I know that that is NOT a good fit. Oh, and I may check out those Overwatch comics this weekend. One last thing: I hope that your bad times get better. I hope that you could do DC shows maybe later this year?

  2. Seconded on Kate Leth. I absolutely adore her writing, even on Vampirella (on sale from Dynamite, now!). I haven’t read Power Up past the first two issues – bad distribution screwed me over on collecting the whole series – but I did buy the TPB yesterday, finally, and I can’t wait to read the thing in full. One series from her that should’ve gotten more was the IDW series for Edward Scissorhands. You might not think an Edward Scissorhands ongoing comic would be anything special, but it really, REALLY is. The combination of Ms. Leth and artist Drew Raush really worked well to bring a continuation of this world to life, and if the letters page was any indication, its fans were perfectly balanced between devoted and passionated, without being dickheads. Pick it up if you can; it’s great. PLEASE CONTINUE, IDW.

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