7 Years by Lukas Graham – Pop Song Review

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

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  1. I hate this song. It’s such a shitty, wannabe emo-depressing song. Everything about it rubs me the wrong way and makes me want to punch the singer in the mouth.

  2. Gaagh!! Your intro sounds like the song itself: weird

    I watch your show for your fresh and cynical and honest perspective which has never changed; the term White Guy Wtih Accostic Guitar is part of my vocabulary and I grin every time I see one.
    Also your show is fascinating as you can see the evolution of pop music; seeing how much has changed and yet how little is bizarre

    You might need to get your dislike for Denmark checked

    13:01 god, I really hate that line!!

    Do your muppet voice again!! 🙂 The song sounds nice

    I didn’t know other people knew of the existence of MLTR

    I could not keep up with all the jokes: awesome!!

    This band is sleezy and the song is godawful (this guy had a WEIRD childhood). Though I liked Stressed out
    And no one samples Annie!!!!

  3. Gonna say…this song will place #3 for your end of the year worst list!

    Are you leaving us, Todd? You still owe us that teased episode about James Blunt and his hit single “You’re Beautiful”! D:

  4. …on second thought, maybe this will be your #1 most hated. xD

  5. Hilarious review but whoa, huge slam on Denmark outta nowhere! 😉

    Why does ripping off “100 Years” = a hit song in 2016? What’s next, that “you had a bad day” song?

    You’re totally right, most of the pop chart is just white noise right now. This is at least a recognizable kind of awful. I’ll give it that.

    I predict #4 worst song of the year!

  6. I predict #3.

    Don’t diss on Denmark or the MIkkelsen brothers will show up and f-ck your sh-t up, yo.

    Honestly, I do believe some kids get into drugs and booze at a young age. I’ve seen Thirteen. I’ve had some trippy friends.

    I have been waiting for Todd in the Shadows to destroy this crappy ass song.
    FUCK this meandering, annoying, talking about growing old and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF WORTH WITH THE PREMISE

  8. OR AM I!?

  9. Omicron Warrior

    Hmmm… I actually kind of liked this song. In contrast, I absolutely detest the 21 Pilot “Stressed Out.”

    Look, I’m 31 years old, and being an adult is AWESOME! What, responsibility? Well, yeah. I have to pay the rent, work 40 hours, and occasionally need shell out 4 figures for a car repair. But that rent? It means I have my own space to do whatever I want with. I’m sleeping in a big bed with comfortable pillows and tasteful artwork on the walls. My job? Well, I get to hang out with smart people and solve challenging problems. It is both fulfilling… and well, paychecks are also AWESOME. And having a car? I think cars are the number 2 topic in music after love/sex. If I want to drive to a shore to have ice cream and seafood, I can. I can also make a 1 AM run to Taco Bell.

    So, I just relate the celebratory tone of 7 Years more than the “Life is Hard, Why can’t I still wear diapers?” mentality I got from “Stressed Out.”

    That being stated, Todd’s criticisms strike home to me. Lukas Graham does seem to be bragging about things and trying to be deeper than he has a right to be. That, and I kind of have to admit I’ve got it good. I suppose if you don’t have that steady figure (which I don’t why 21 Pilots would complain about that, lacking a steady income is probably the biggest stress inducer in America), then being a grown up can be, stressful.

    • Yeah, what I get from Stressed Out is “I should be able to have the freedom of adulthood without the responsibility. I don’t wanna earn a living, I want things to be given to me like when I was a kid! Waaaaaah.” Not that I want to go to the other extreme and value people based on their jobs, their salaries, and how much overtime they clock in either, mind.

  10. Wow, I have been hearing this one a bit and it didn’t do anything for me, but hearing it picked apart I now have mild contempt for the artist.

  11. I like this song overall. I mean, usually, I wouldn’t like the smoking lyric but I feel that he’s implying that he was hanging out with the wrong people so I’ll let it slide. Also, about being super old for pop culture, at 20 years old I don’t understand popular music or even slang for that matter. I do like EDM though. Oh, and making friends is hard no matter what stage in life you are. Oh, and “Moon Pie Face” made me laugh so hard! 😀

  12. Great review, Todd! Your writing is, as ever, hilarious as fuck, and I burst out laughing on multiple occasions during this video.

    Those of you complaining about Todd’s negative words against Denmark DO realize that he’s being *sarcastic*, right? He comes out and SAYS it half way through the review.

    I hear this song on the radio on rare occasion, and have always changed the station or turned it off when that happens. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like it, but your video thoroughly conveyed my feelings for this song. IT SUCKS!!

  13. Maybe it’s just my inherent distaste for borderline every single trend in modern pop-music (to wit: Excessive autotune, excessive repetiveness, lyrics that are all about sex and nothing else, excessive synth-use… Incidentally I just name-dropped what I consider the most insufferable song in the top 50 right now somewhere in that list), but I can’t be too upset at this particular song. At least, like you said at the beginning, it uses actual instruments, has an actual decent structure and is ABOUT something. There is just SO much crap I have to listen to all day these days that this song doesn’t even register for me. I actually consider it one of the more tolerable things playing nowadays.

  14. The future of music made by humans is fucked!

  15. That’s why I’m always Retro and Classical, always especially on the Romantic or Romanticist side.

  16. Muslims rule Denmark in actuality jerk.

  17. This band obviously does not speak for all the White Scandinavian Danish people, now here’s a weird but cute title: Bamblet.

  18. Drinking at 11 is not odd in Denmark, there is no drinking age. Very conservative families though only allow their children to drink at 13 when confirmated.

  19. God I hate this song.

    Honestly; whenever this song plays while I’m working in the warehouse, I go into a frenzy. It just keeps playing over and over and it’s pretentious as hell.

  20. This song is just so pretentious and annoying

  21. Thank you Todd for explaining why I always stared at the radio weird when this came on.

  22. Dude if you’re worried about feeling old because of today’s music then you aren’t alone! I’m 19 and I listen to very few songs. Almost all my songs are from years ago! And when I do get into new stuff it’s rock or Christian music!

  23. (Don’t be too discouraged, I’m also late to a lot of things) I had no idea that Lukas Graham were from Denmark, and this song…! Not only do the lyrics has enough cheese for a Danish-style fondue (do they exist?), but they sound so forced!

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