911 Is A Joke In Your Town – WTFIWWY Live

This week, Sunny Jim from the Isle of Rangoon joins us for The Bears of Dracula, The Onions of Wrath, and The Great Backhoe Robbery!

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  1. Huh people that play Vampire are nerds who stretch everything, what a surprise. … I say as someone who played Hunter the Vigil (not by immediate choice) and had to kill a Ghoul Dog….sigh.

  2. I was watching a show not too long ago and no joke, some frickin’ idiot called 911 because he couldn’t activate his cell phone. He called them THREE TIMES. 911 is for emergencies! Is someone driving drunk? Call 911. Is your or someone else’s life in danger? Call 911. Is a child in danger? Call 911. Is your house burning down? Call 911. Is your cell phone not working? Call your cellular carrier from a landline!

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