Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer – AngryJoe Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the TMNT 2 trailer, see what we think, does it improve from the first?!

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  1. Joe’s eye roll at Megan Fox stripping needs to become a meme. Just the way he broke out of his smile so suddenly.

  2. Casey Jones looks too cookie-cutter… but then again, he is probably this way, so he doesn’t outshine Megan O’Bland. 😉

    • That’s….


      • Because when you are a relatively new actor doing what he can to move up in the industry and perhaps branch off from the ONE television series you are famous for to show people you have more than one good performance in you, and a casting director comes up to you and says, “Hey, we like your work in Arrow. We want you to be Casey Jones in a Ninja Turtles Movie, the most prominent human male protagonist in the Mythos,” you do not say NO!

  3. i know i shouldnt get exited about a Michel bay film

    but looking at bebop and rocksteady made my inner children smile

  4. Angry Joe does not know who Stephen Amill is? Clearly he has not been watching Arrow.

  5. I didn’t see the trailer before this video so this was my first reaction as well. 🙂 That looks really good. Although, I’m like the only girl in the world who likes Michael Bay movies. LOL. Oh, and I like that song. ^.^

  6. Tyler Perry as Dr. Baxter Stockman? Interesting choice! I wonder if they put some reference him being a fly in the cartoon.

    • YES! Even if we have to wait until a third movie, I want to see Baxter The Fly make a reappearance! I didn’t like that they just made him a zombie in 2003, and while he was a fly again in the 2012 series, he just wasn’t the same!

      • I liked him better as a cyborg having progressively more of himself lost in the earlier seasons of the 1999 series, but maybe that’s just me. The 2012 series kinda pissed me off with its rendition of him.

  7. I’m HOPING that if Krang is in the film, that they don’t spoil it by putting him in trailer 2 or 3. I’m hoping it’s either a complete surprise (and they keep him with the 80’s cartoon look, seeing how they’ve brought in Bebop & Rocksteady) appearance that we’re not totally sure about until him actually appearing OR he’s shown as part of like an end credits scene to set up a third movie (as in, turtles win, all is good, and then we find out he’s crossed over to that dimension in the background)

    I think if he’s shown in the trailers, people will stew on it and pick him apart and there’ll be aggro that’ll taint it.

  8. Bebop and Rocksteady look pretty decent, although CG’ed to hell. I’ll still be checking this movie out as I did the first one.

  9. Loved the eye-roll, Joe. ;P

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    After doing a bit of research, there’s an likely chance that this might be better than the original. We’ve got a new director and one of the writers of the old one got taken off for this film(forgot the name) but two of the older writers for the 2014 one Andre Nemec are still writing this one but I still think it’ll probably be not as good as say a half and half movie would be but I think that wth only two writers, it might be more focused and maybe they did listen to the fans but who knows if it’ll be good(but also Micheal Bays still producing but he’s probably just in producing cause he directed the first one so I’ll give that one a pass…..for now!!!!!)

  11. It’s nice to see Angry Joe happy for once. Then again, he wouldn’t be “Angry.” I can’t wait to see the new TMNT film.

    Maybe Joe can convince Erod to see the trailer.

  12. See that Joe and DC? Its ok that you have a feeling of goofy joy when watching these comic book movies. Isnt it better this way instead of super serious and grim and depressing?

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