My Amiibo Collection – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann takes you through his complete in-box Amiibo collection!

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  1. I’ve actually never heard of Amiibo before. Well, you learn something new everyday. LOL.

  2. These little guys are so cute!
    Star Fox is weird: I’ve heard of Mario, Pokemon, Sonic and Legand of Zelda and knew about their various forms while the other ones I’ve never heard of. But Star Fox I never knew was a video game until recently: it was something I only heard of via an advertisement on the back of a Dandy (British comic) issue. Strange seeing it again!

    I LOVE Megaman!! But I only thought it was an Anime. Who knew!

    What are Amiibos exactly?

  3. Impressive collection, Chris. I honestly stopped collecting Amiibos when the rare ones got too ridiculously expensive and the fact that I barely play my Wii U anymore, although I’ll play Smash again when I get the Cloud DLC.

    I know the rare ones are being remade, but I’m so sour on the collecting experience that I don’t care anymore.

  4. “He was just sitting there, and I grabbed him.”

    Sounds so wantonly violent when taken out of context.

    What’s the deal with not taking these statue things out of the box anyway?

  5. What makes Sir Boring von Anticharisma think anyone wants to see his money dumpster? If you have enough Amiibo that you can call it a collection, you have spent too much on them. And he’s not even a video game reviewer!

  6. Super Princess Peach on the DS is exactly the game you described

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    It’s so unfair you got the PAC-man amiibo a day before it was supposed to hit stores but I guess that’s what happens when a store forgets to not put it out a day before. It’s cool to see your collection though and I love how I kdidnt know princess peach had her own game until my sister got it from a friend but than she sold it cause she said it was awful(can’t blame her though)!!!

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