The Star Wars Holiday Special – Hilariocity Review – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews The Star Wars Holiday Special.

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  1. Wait? Why I didn’t notice that before? Star Wars Rebels is also part of current canon. You forget to mention this series, especially because you reviewed Clone Wars cartoons.

  2. I must admit that Kerrie Fisher’s singing voice is not bad.

  3. Ooh, I was not expecting this! ;D

  4. I actually saw this when it aired on TV as a child- IN SPANISH. Yes, they actually dubbed it too! 😛 And I remember being so baffled about it. I did like the part with Bobba Fett though. (That was him in the animated part, right?)

  5. I saw this a couple for years ago and was flabbergasted: considering how seriously Star Wars is taken, the idea of a 70’s variety show about it is so alien (pardon the pun).

    Great review: I love watching your hilariocity reviews. It’s like watching a perfectly normal person going slightly mad 😉

    Here’s a question that I’ve always wonder about people who watch this special on their TV’s as I assume you did: at the scene with the old wookie and the chair, I’ve always imagined that if someone walks in, there might be a couple of concerned questions and looks.
    Did you have anything like that? Just wondering

  6. yeah, the fact that Lucas and Ford are both so ashamed of this project should really tell you something.

    No matter how many times I watch this, it’s just so bad and terrible that I cannot fathom what they were thinking. The make up person that did up mark hamil should be sent to prison for making a human being look like that. Carrie Fisher singing the star wars theme in a life day celebration was just… wow. I mean, what kind of contractual legal blackmailing did it take to get her to do that scene. Ditto with Harrison Ford, you’re right he’s putting so much effort into this, you have to wonder how he felt when he saw the final cut.

    • Carrie Fisher has claimed she has absolutely no memory of anything having to do with this special, she was so out of her mind on drugs at the time. So I’m sure that no matter what awful pitch they approached her with, her response was probably “That sounds absolutely AMAZING!!! Let’s do it Right Now!” (This explains so much of the 70’s as a whole, really.)

  7. I am shocked that Chris doesn’t know who Bea Aurther and Harvey Corman are. Shameful, or maybe it’s just for the review.

    I’m surprised he didn’t review the Ewoks tv movies or Droids/ Ewoks cartoons.

    • It was certainly an odd choice for him to not acknowledge any of the “celebrity guest stars” by name or that they even were known celebrities, but I’m sure he did actually know who they were, if nothing else from the Special’s opening credits or even any of the THOUSANDS OF OTHER REVIEWS of this thing which all let you know who the celebrities are. Oddly enough, he does i.d. Jefferson Starship for some reason.

      …Although fwiw, I never heard of the woman in Itchy’s “wookie porn” number myself.

      • She was Diahann Carroll, kind of a discount Diana Ross. She had a role for a few seasons of Dynasty in the 80’s and guest starred as Whitley’s mother on the Cosby Show spinoff, A Different World.

  8. Well, say what want about the special, or about the ‘soft core porn’ scene but I honestly liked the ‘this minute’ song that went with it. It had absolutely NO business in a Star Wars special, but it was nice on it’s own.

    I also liked how we got to see a bit of ‘ordinary life’ in this special. Yes, the layout of the wookie house was silly, but we see stuff like a child playing with a holo-table (or w/e the hell it’s called) and civilian level interaction with the empire.

    I disliked how the droids moved in the animated bit, they acted too much like living creatures.

    There is a rifftrax of this thing freely available on youtube, check it out its pretty neat.

  9. The “old dude” was played by the legendary Art Carney.

    For those of you too young to remember. Prior to 1980, Variety Shows had been popular on TV since the 50’s. Think Saturday Night Live, but usually with more than one musical guest interspersed with the comedy sketches. Also, at Christmas times, the format was used to Specials hosted by past their prime movie and music stars, like Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, etc. These guys came out of a time where everyone tended do shows that mixed comedy bits with singing at clubs. They tended to pull in actors from whatever the airing network’s shows were, which is where I presume Harvey Korman and Bea Arthur come into this. They usually tried to fit in a “current” act to appeal to the younger people which is where Jefferson Starship came in.

    Clearly this special was aimed at the younger crowd that made Star Wars a phenomenon a year earlier. I can’t remember why, but for some reason I don’t remember seeing the whole things straight through. I may actually have had to go to bed before the ending. Yes, it felt like a ripoff that Luke was only in it for like 2 minutes and looked weird. I’m not sure when this is in relation to Mark Hamill’s accident, but I’m betting it was around that time and they used a lot of makeup to cover it.

    While we think of the OT’s big three pretty highly today, remember at the time they were three working actors who’d just been in a big hit that they probably didn’t get paid all that much for in comparison to what the movie raked in. A TV special probably seemed like a decent payday at the time. When this was filmed, they were still writing The Empire Strikes Back. Sequels weren’t an automatic thing back then and were actually extremely rare. Given typical Hollywood production issues that we still see today, there was no guarantee any more movies would be made. A job’s a job.

    Even with all this context, it still doesn’t explain the train wreck this special is. Not only do pieces not fit, they are terrible on their own.

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