A better Jurassic World Movie – the FARS

Today Justin takes you through what he thinks would’ve made a better Jurassic World movie.

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  1. Who cares about the high heels? It’s one of the hugest nitpicks I’ve ever heard anyone say about a movie.

    • I disagree. It shows exactly how out of place and clueless that character is in the movie, not to mention stupid for not throwing them away within 5 minutes of having to run around.

      • Why even bring up a detail as insignificant as what kind of shoes a character is wearing? Does it speak to some kind of important global issue? All it really is is a short three-second-long shot that, before the Internet, nobody would even remember after the credits roll.

        • No… as I said, it just makes the character stupid and out of place. If a movie had Cinderella wearing snowshoes to the ball, I bet it would be talked about there as well, because it also makes no sense.
          In a broader sense it speaks to the Hollywood standard that women have to be kept as sexy and attractive and “girly” as possible, regardless of it makes sense. For someone who is continually saying “who cares”, you seem to care a lot.

          • The thing that really pisses me off, is that I never even knew there was any kind of “controversy” surrounding it until after I saw the movie.

          • You rest your case? Based on what? On the fact that most people find it to be stupid, but you don’t mind it? Surely, yours is the opinion which shall hold sway over all. lol Have a good one mate.

          • The people who hate Jurassic World are a vocal minority.

          • Who said anything about hating Jurassic World? You were talking about a character’s choice of shoes. How much of this conversation were you having with me as opposed to the strawman you created in your mind?

          • Never mind.

        • SHOE-T HER!

          I’m sorry, that was lame. 😛

  2. Well I’ve got to say, if Justin were trying to use this video as a script doctor’s resume, then good job. Yeah, it would have been a much better movie.

  3. Anything is better than “women are just for family a raptorboo basically sexually assaults a woman dinosaurs are boring villains are two dimensional World”

  4. Shut up and take my $$$!

  5. While i still enjoyed Jurassic World, Justin’s version is x10 better.

  6. I like your version so much better!

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