A Bird in the Hoof – MLP Vlogs

Fluttershy takes in Celestia’s dying bird. Hilarity ensues.

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Crossover Princess

This episode is messed up. But I love it too! This does feel like a Looney Toons episode…


I would say that it is “messed up” in proper way and that isn’t uncommon thing. It don’t treat kids as dumb and that is why also many adult people like this franchise.


This episode gave me chills but laughs. one sight of the pile of ash and I’m like “This motha fucka’s dead!”


Fluttershy just got an extra life with all the pheonix down that was left in her home.

Anon Tumahab
For some reason, I thought: “Nah, ripping off of ‘Chamber of Secrets’ isn’t above this show.”, so I wasn’t caught off guard by the reveal myself. I agree this is likely the origin of “Trollestia” though…making it look like Celestia is such a troll she literally trains her pets to be trolls too…although I’d say the reveal at the end of the Season One finale is much worse (that she invited the girls to the Grand Galloping Gala knowing they’d destroy it). And yeah…I’m rather unhappy that they’ve done very little with Celestia in Season Six thus far (and, for… Read more »

fascinating to see the origins of Trollestia and Tyranestia took place in the same episode…kinda makes me wonder which one inspired the Molestia meme…

The MunchKING

Well to be fair to Twilight, she did immediately dismiss the Banishing/dungeon thing as a “low probability scenario”.