A Christmas Horror Story vs Krampus – Blockbuster Buster

The Final Havoc begins with ERod taking on two Holiday Horror movies at the same time!

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  1. Krampus doesn’t deserve to be busted! I mean, even if you think ACHS is a better film, there’s absolutely nothing bust-worthy about Krampus. It’s a good film.

    • You know the rules of his versus series. Movie that loses even in one less category gets busted no matter is it actually bad or not and Krampus lost this one.

    • The Real Silverstar

      The last time Erod did a VS episode that ended in a draw (Sky High VS Zoom), everyone bitched and moaned about how there should always be a clear-cut winner and loser, so in all the subsequent outings, he adheres to that rule.

      • But shouldn’t they also both be bad movies? Not good ones? I mean, take the one with Escape from New York for example, we knew it was going to win because it’s a good movie. If they’re both bad movies, it’s a lot more exciting to watch.

  2. I was hoping he’d mention Rare Exports.

    • Yeah, that one had some awesome imagery, as well. The Not-Really-Santa in that film gave a magnificent performance, considering that most of the time he just stood silently in a cage and leered at the people around him. Not to mention all the hints of what the Real-Santa was supposed to be like. The only real disappointment was that they really didn’t give much payoff on the latter.

  3. Does really no one prefer the interpretation of the ending that Krampus did give them a second chance, and is just keeping an eye on them? It better fits the theme of the film and the tie-in comic goes with that interpretation as well.

    • I have no idea but this reminds me of the problem with the maxim of Show Don’t Tell , it can be hard to show some things without ambiguity so there are trade offs with that versus more heavy handed exposition…

  4. So why are these considered bad films when you have mostly positive things to say about them?

    • The Real Silverstar

      Neither are widely considered bad movies; Erod never said nor implied that they were. That’s not how the VS episodes work. In the VS episodes he compares 2 movies with similar plots and structures and compares them against one another. In many cases the films in VS are favorites of his.

  5. Who are these side characters?

    Is Erod a gargoyle now?

    Anyone else have a problem with the video cutting out after 5 minutes leaving just the audio?

    • The Real Silverstar

      1. The puppet is Ormsby from Cinema Insane, who guests in all of the Halloween Havoc episodes. The mad scientist is Dr. Effect, aka Billy Joe, who does many of the special effects in Erod’s videos. Each have appeared in numerous BB videos prior.

      2. You must be new to this series; Erod adopts a different persona/shtick each time he busts a movie.

      3. That’s just Dailymotion’s player acting up; there are too many ads and things running on the pages to not affect the video sometimes. When this persists, I usually just download the video and watch it offline.

  6. Krampus was well made with its practical effects and acting, but A Christmas Horror Story has to be in my movie collection.

  7. I appreciate the song choice at the end. Nice touch.

  8. I’ve never heard of Christmas Horror Story and I have no interest in seeing Krampus. But, OMG, dailymotion gave me SO much trouble today. I don’t know why though. It took me half an hour to get through this video!! I THINK I saw all of the video. -_-

  9. Actually, ERod, the twist ending to Krampus is up to interpretation. Either the boy and his family ARE trapped in a snowglobe having a good old fashioned Christmas for eternity, OR the boy and his family are back home and the snowglobe is more of a window, the Krampus’ way of saying, “Okay, kid, you can have your family back, but I’ll keep an eye on you if this ever happens again.”

  10. I’m sure that youtube money really flows for a guy who hasn’t updated in a year.

  11. To be honest Krampus isn’t only German invention but most clear example of that idea. In other version of this myth Santa elves aren’t exactly what people think because he basically enslaved dark elves known as Brownies or Orcus (Orc.. those Orc, which were originally bron/black not green and obviously weren’t related to Moors as some people think) and force them by curse to make toys instead.. well killing people. Basically idea or Krampus or Dark Peter as he is also known is that he is not literally Santa brother but his evil counterpart.. in fact basic idea is that naughty child could distract Santa from keeping eye on his servants and as result they could cause harm to someone.

    Russian counterpart of this myth is Grandpa Frost on who idea of Jack Frost was based. In this version Frost can bring present to typically hungry Child but also punish those unwise (in fact this myth have some practical origin if someone know reality of live on Siberian snow wetland).

    Another interesting myth with ground is explanation why people in Britain scare kids with coal.. in old times people literally put candles on Christmas tree and naughty kids could tip over it causing flame.

  12. I personally did not care for “Krampus”.

  13. To quote Brad Pitt from Se7en; “What’s in the box!?”. Seriously great video. I’ve not seen either movie, now I feel like I should.

  14. why last halloween havoc?

  15. At least from a traditonal Austrian (and some German regions) Santaclaus was imported from America.
    Our version of St Niclas (Nicolaus) is tied to the Krampus (5. and 6. of December).
    24. is for the “Christkind” (literaly meaning Christ-child).

  16. Well You’re going to be one abusive father if you ever settle down get married you Puerto Rican Neo-Nazi, “German Holiday Traditions are Awesome!” indeed.

  17. Actually not-so Puerto Rican American Nazi, I mean seriously you don’t mind slightly naughty even if they are naughty, misbehaving little children chained and whipped by a demonic goat monster of a Pagan (Pre-Christian yeah) German Legend type? Wow, isn’t that textbook capital punishment style child abuse buddy?

  18. I got a radically different ending to Krampus.

    I thought the kid sacrificing himself SAVED his family. He isn’t trapped in Hell at the end, but rather Krampus is just watching them through a globe. If he had not sacrificed himself Krampus would have kept all of his dead victims.

    After all Krampus wiped out an entire neighborhood and they did nothing wrong. And Krampus spared Grandma but not her family in the original attack because Grandma never repented.

  19. Huh. The Christmas Horror Story actually sounds neat. Good reviews.

  20. Grimm did Krampus the best. And yeah, we have the tradition in Hungary too.

  21. Ehhhh that’s disappointing about the Christmas Horror Story’s twist ending. I was gonna check it out but now… It’s about as anticlimactic as in Shutter Island. I prefer the fantasy to the reality.

  22. Dang, I have to remember George Buza’s name (that is hungarian, btw – búza=wheat) – I know him as the silent henchman of the main villain from The Brain, a hilarious horror that is more funny than scary.

  23. Still don’t get why you are doing your Jarvis bits, btw. What’s your explanation in your own little universe, you are Tony Stark?

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