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An examination of the iconic character of the original series.

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  1. I grock Spock.

    nice video as usual. Well researched.

  2. I always liked when Spock put aside the idea of pure logic when it came to Kirk because he saw a greater logic that came with knowing the man.

    First was in Court Martial where he came to the conclusion that something virtually impossible was the most likely answer because the idea of Kirk panicking or outright murdering Finney were both completely illogical to him.

    Another great moment came in The Ultimate Computer. Kirk had separate conversations with McCoy and Spock about the repercussions the M5 would have for Kirk. McCoy really couldn’t help Kirk and could really only offer his support as a friend. Spock, on the other hand, that there’s more to commanding a ship than just analyzing the situation and making decisions based on data. He pointed out how the loyalty a captain engenders is also important.

  3. It’s curious you didn’t bring Tuvok into your analysis of Spock’s lack of arrogance. The first thing I thought of when I heard you say that is that Spock could have been Tuvok on the Excelsior: arrogant, refusing to understand humans, and wanting to get away as quickly as possible. Tuvok was kind of the anti-Spock: didn’t he tell Janeway his parents wanted him to join Starfleet so he could gain another cultural perspective but he was too young and naive to understand their reasoning? Spock probably paved the way for Vulcan parents who wanted their children in Starfleet and not the Science Academy.

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