A Monstrous October Returns: Top 10 Monsters from The Real Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Week begins as Shaun lays out his favorites ghost & ghoulies from one of the best cartoons made in Top 10 Monsters from the Real Ghostbusters.

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  1. its good that someone else appreciates extreme ghost busters just as mush as I do.

  2. The Grundle is scary because it’s not just another dick or butthole, but some kind of taint.

    Sorry. The show really did have some great monsters they snuck into G-rated television. Like that time a depressed pretty boy summoned an evil god to end the world because he got dumped, confusing me for several minutes how that could happen outside anime.

  3. Real Ghostbusters had some of the best stories I saw in American animation at the time (the episode explaining the change in Jeanine’s appearance is a favorite of mine.) Thanks for the trip down memory lane Shaun!

  4. I knew that G would make number 1. This fucker skared me shitless when I was a kid. I always was afraid of transforming and corruption, that’s why I’m so afraid of vampires and zombies.

    There was an episode, which I can’t remember, since I was too young, but in it Egon turned into giant blue monster, anyone can name the particular episode? As i remember it has something to do with cackling.

    Fun fact: ghosts in Real and Extreme Ghostbusters were disegned by one man.

    • That episode would be Egon on the Rampage. I remember that one more for the unusual framing device of a television news team commenting on the plot from beginning to end.

  5. sorry to be this guy but you got the names mixed up for the episodes with hob is in gold cash and hot water and the other guy is in standing room only.

    • The other guy was Mee-Krah. I noticed the mixed up too. Still I’m glad Standing Room Only was included, because I think it maybe the only episode after the later (and most would say lessor seasons) that really captured the feeling of epic nightmare battle you more common in the first two seasons or the movies. It had most of the same problems of the later seasons, but at least they weren’t afraid to still be intensely frightening (for a kids show anyway) in visuals or in story.

  6. I’d forgotten how much I used to love this show, today I’m going to track them down on DVD!

  7. Fun fact. Stracynski apparently considers himself a song writer. A lot of the songs that showed up in the series, he wrote.

    I never watched extreme ghostbusters, maybe I should. I got kind of burned out on later seasons since sometime around season 3 the episode quality could vary wildly from episode to episode. Apparently thats when the network thought they could do better with focus groups and survey’s than they could with a seasoned writer heading the project. Stracynski eventually came back, but it was obvious from the varying episode quality he didn’t have half the control he used to.

    And personally, I think Boogaloo should not be on this list. sure he has a decent design, but there were scarier monsters from the series who had better stories. I agree that Ragnarok and Roll had one of the scariest monsters in the series, just a giant evilly grinning face in the sky enjoying the end of the world. That always gave me chills, and the episode itself is a great character story.

    • I agree, either the guy from Ragnarok and Roll with the world destroying flute or the Dark Entity who gave him the power of the world destroying flute in the first place would be better choices then Boogaloo.

  8. It’s funny. I was just saying “Samhain better be on this list!”

  9. You should have mentioned Victor from “Victor the Happy Ghost”. The part where Victor showed his true face made me horrified the most. Especially when Slimer yelled “Oh my God!”.

  10. Favorite Customer

    No Mrs. Rogers?

  11. i’m a huge Ghostbusters fan myself., but here my take on The Real Ghostbusters vs Extreme Ghostbusters:

    The Real Ghostbusters:

    Art/Animation: B+

    Writing: B+

    Characters: B+

    Extreme Ghostbusters:

    Art/Animation: C

    Writing: C-

    Characters C-

  12. I sort of remember watching this as a kid, but man, I didn’t remember it was so dark! Thanks for bringing me back through memory lane.

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