A Nightmare on Elm Street #1-3: Freddy’s War – LOTD

The first three issues of Wildstorm’s Nightmare on Elm Street comics!

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  1. I find it odd that the dad believed her so quickly. Usually, in stories, the children have to convince the parents.

  2. Linkara and Moarte in the same place!? Was that moment part of the storyline, or were you just trying to prevent a spoiler?

  3. I have this fan theory that Freddy is alive. He’s probably in a coma, lying in a hospital burn ward under the name John Doe. That’s why he’s in the dream world, and not haunting a house or something, because he’s dreaming himself. I know about demons in “Freddys dead”, but this still makes more sense to me.

    It would be a good sequel for the 2010 remake. The events of the last movie cause Freddy to wake up. He still has his powers, but only when he sleeps. His life has gone so far downhill, that being in the dream world is an escape rather than a curse, so he enjoys it and becomes more like the darkly comedic Freddy of the latter half of the original series. Then some of the kids he torments find out Freddy is alive, and go after him.

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