A Nightmare on Elm Street: Fearbook – AT4W

Be afraid, be VERY afraid… of something else. Definitely not this.

If you’re having trouble watching this video on the current player, you can view it on youtube here.

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  1. Linkara, Vald is just short from slavic names, like Vladislaw or Vladymir (more corectly Władysław or Władymir). The first mean “the one who is the ruler of fame”, the secend is basycli the same, but on the russian twist.
    P.S. aye, that mean that curent tsar of Russia is Vlad Putin 😉

    • Well, you’re half right. Vlad is a Slavic name, but it isn’t actually short for anything. It’s an entirely separate given name from Vladimir and/or Vladislav.

      That being said, I don’t think Linkara’s comment was directed at the assumption that Vlad wasn’t a real name or anything like that so much as it was at how out-of-place the name seems given the setting of the comic.

  2. Odd stinger. Is that you in the costume? I thought this said “Facebook” at first. I’ve been watching “A Nightmare On Elm Street” movies. They’re pretty good. Freddy got a lot of kills here.

  3. 1:45- Yeah, I saw that on Twitter and Facebook. That really sucks, dude.

    The name “Mrs. Jolly” sounds like it should be given to a teacher in a porno.

    8:16- Am I the only one who wants Arm-Fall-Off Boy to team up with Snowflame?

    9:54- Jesus, the bank robber who dressed as Darth Vader was more subtle than these assholes. Oh, and awesome reference to Dr. Evazan in A New Hope.

    12:47- And then RoboCop pulled him through the wall “The Dark Knight Returns” style and punched him out the window.

    18:45- Yeah, ‘cause Freddy oh so said shit like that in the movies. Oh, wait a second… NOPE!

    19:01- Translation: “Eat a dick, Freddy.” Thanks, Linkara in the YouTube comments.

    21:58- “It just raises too many questions.”

    And I thought the subtitle “Fearbook” was a reference to Facebook. Silly me.

  4. I don’t even know why I bother clicking on the Vidme embed. It started stuttering in the first second.

    By the way, Link, THANKS 1,000,000 for putting up those YouTube links. I swear, YouTube not only plays more smoothly, but I swear it even looks better.

    • “VLAD”? The kid’s name is Vlad? Tell me he has a red trenchcoat with matching pimp hat, a Jackal 13mm pistol, and a Police Girl sidekick who carries a giant cannon (because we all know how females love cannons).

  5. The artwork in this is almost scarier than the deaths. O.O

  6. So Freddy is basically just killing criminals in this one, huh? What, are they trying to make him a vigilante now or something? I don’t know, a vigilante with Freddy’s powerset might actually be interesting, but Freddy really isn’t the guy for the job.

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