A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid #2 – AT4W

Not so much a nightmare as much as bad indigestion.

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  1. 2:30- Yeah, they also did that in the ANoES NES game where one of the locations is called “Elm Street High School.”

    3:46- And the last time we saw a couple bang in the main character’s house, we saw Jason Voorhees do that awesome bed kill.

    5:59- Can NEVER get over that expression of yours when someone says something stupid.

    6:39- “I should have grabbed her by the pussy when I had the chance.” …Yeah, I have no need to hide my hatred of Donald Trump. I hate him as much as Linkara hates Frank Miller.

    12:48- Someone bring out the champagne, because the most annoying character in the comic is finally dead.

    16:21- Well, in FvJ, when Lori pulled Freddy’s ear off in her dream, it turned into maggots in the real world.

    Yeah, thing’s in this mini-series is getting weirder and more incoherent than the first issue. How will things get more crapped up in the finale, I wonder.

    Nice job on adding to the spooky side for this Halloween‘s storyline, Lewis.

  2. “Reach out and touch someone” is an old AT&T commercial. It doesn’t appear to have any relevance. They’re not even talking over a phone.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Thoughts that go through my head when Linkara brings up “ectoplasm”: Okay, we either need the Ghostbusters or Danny Phantom to get over here, because we have some ghostly miscreants.

    Thoughts after seeing that hand beckoning from the portal: Nope, never mind, it’s Killer BOB, we’re fucked, Linkara’s fucked, everyone is fucked, How’s Annie?

  4. A third part? Oh. I thought it was just going to be one of those open-ended type endings. Also, I’m glad I checked your Twitter account so I didn’t have to ask about the Monday absence like last time. ^.^

  5. I’m disappointed C-Dog’s death wasn’t more gruesome.
    Also, loved Viga’s reaction to the house being haunted!

  6. The cover is obviously depicting Freddie in the nightmare realm so thinks don’t have to be logical just creepy

    3:50 no it isn’t, have you never been a horny teenager? They will try to have sex anywhere if they think they can get away with it.

    14:56 what? A lying Freddy? What madness is this? He is probably lying to her and torturing her further so she would keep telling people about him, making her believe that telling just a “few people” isn’t such a problem, since it apparently didn’t satisfy him.

    16:34 have you never been drunk too? You tend to nick off no matter the sounds around you

    17:10 knowing about Krueger is NOT a requirement for him to get in to your dreams, if that where the situation the whole series would never start because at the beginning no teenagers knows about Freddy. He gets more powerful and has an easier time killing people the more they know and fear him, but he can enter your dreams regardless. At this point all the adults working for the cover up actively talk about him again and fear him, and the original group of teens talks about him and fears him too, he has enough power to kill random people again.

    20:00 you should negotiate a rent reduction, haunted houses loose 1/3 there value in America, and only in America.

    • “The cover is obviously depicting Freddie in the nightmare realm”
      🙂 You mean Freddy. Freddie is the lead singer of Queen. 🙂

      “knowing about Krueger is NOT a requirement for him to get in to your dreams,”
      Yeah, I always thought that was kind of a plot hole in Freddy Vs. Jason.

  7. In our town, in our town / We work as a team ♪
    You can’t have a nightmare / If you never dream ♪

  8. How would you know if you were just having a nightmare about Freddy Krueger? I mean, anything can happen in a dream. So what if you just happened to have a nightmare about him? It wouldn’t be him, just a fake him in a dream. Could he go into a dream that had a fake him in it? Could that be used against him?

  9. well, Nancy’s trick of not giving him power only didn’t work because of executive meddling. and the third film seems to ignore that bit since if it was cannon, how she escaped Freddy-Car would have come up.

  10. freddy, being oogie boogie would explain a few things

  11. The walls gradually turning black was a nice effect, I must say.

  12. “I’ll get a towel!” XD…I love that goofy foam gator, glad she’s sticking around. Good job getting out of that blackhole of ectoplasm Linkara, never surrender! lol

  13. What is that piece of music over the title card? It’s driving me crazy(er)!
    I seem to think it’s played when some of the kids are arriving at school in #4 or #5, but I can’t seem to find it on any of the soundtracks (not on a skim-play, anyway).

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