A Nightmare on Elm Street – Terror Obscura

Take a trip to the past with the very first episode of Retro Obscura, where I present classic episodes and new commentary!

The very first commentary track for my very first episode! Enjoy a bit of behind the scenes insight about where the show came from.

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Terror Obscura is a show dedicated to exploring the best and worst horror films ever made. While some shows are content to just mock bad films, this...

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5 Comments on "A Nightmare on Elm Street – Terror Obscura"


I really enjoyed your videos. Alas, I’ll have to move on as vimeo obviously hates me. Keep up the great work!!


Is there a way to make your vimeo videos fullscreen? It just seems a bit – tiny – on my end.


Looks like you have a new fan. Just watched most of the stuff you’ve put on this sight, and I look forward to seeing more of it.


Not sure if you’ve been informed since this video but the Susan G. Komen charity is pretty damn shady, the CEO pockets most of the money.