A Quick Guide to Classic Who 1989 – 2005 (Non Television)

29 episodes in and the Quick Guide comes to an end with this look at non-TV Who (mostly between 1989 and 2005). Hope you have enjoyed the ride.

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  1. I have very much appreciated this look back thru the Doctor’s history. It is always interesting to see the vast amount of media and the evolution thru each that a fantastic setting and character can have.

    It also makes me weep for possibilities. I wish that Paul McGann would get more material, maybe a Netflix mini-series, just to show a handful of adventures he could have done. Or that animated series which looks right up my alley (I own that gigantic super box set of “The Real Ghostbusters” so my tastes are a little skewed).

  2. Thank you, Diamanda, for going through with this monumental undertaking and making it a truly outstanding series. I learned, I laughed, I loved it! It really does make me a little sad that it’s all over now. I’m going to miss this show. (Only the promise of new Twatty Who can soothe that ache)

    As for this episode…. YAY DEATH’S HEAD.I cheered when you brought up that ridiculous, yet kickass character so early on. I think he’s a great, very British addition to every canon he pops up in. To a similar extend: Yay Frobisher!

    And of course, I have learned a lot in this episode, too. Especially about the semi-illegal-ish underground operations and fan films. That’s a whole rabbit hole that I hadn’t ever even noticed. And it is quite intriguing.

  3. A very nice series, Diamanda. Thanks!

  4. Frobisher is awesome. In fact, I’ve been working on my own classic style LEGO TARDIS console room on LEGO Digital Designer (I say my own since the console and roundels, while clearly inspired by the classic rooms, are unique). It has the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher in it. And it is awesome.

    Doesn’t Doctor Who already have a loose grasp on reality? I’m not complaining, cause when Doctor Who goes off the rails, it just soars into the sunset into batshit awesomeness.

    I love how the audio companions were name dropped in “The Night of the Doctor”. One day, I do plan on listening to the Big Finish audio dramas, especially the ones for the Eighth Doctor.

    I will miss this series a lot. It has helped me to form a basic knowledge of the classic show. I still haven’t seem many stories. So far, all I’ve seen from before the 2005 revival is “The Moonbase” (my personal favorite classic story so far), “The Three Doctors” (more Second Doctor! Also, Pertwee is also awesome), “Pyramid of Mars” (“KNEEL BEFORE THE MIGHT OF SUTEKH!”), and the Eighth Doctor’s TV movie. I’ve enjoyed all of them. Goofy effects are just a bonus (the creatures in “The Three Doctors” are among my favorite things of all time).

  5. As a guy who never saw Doctor Who until the Christopher Eccleston season, I have appreciated this series of videos.

  6. Ahh the Chaser skit, well done there Diamanda.

  7. This series has helped reinforce my belief that to maintain a canon in Doctor Who is a pointless exercise.

  8. WoW!
    I´m really sad that is over, this was one of my favorite shows.
    I really hope you make more reviews of classic who episodes, they are the best.
    Thank you for this series, was just wonderful.

  9. It’s been a very enjoyable series and very thorough. I am, however, surprised you made no mention of the Gallifrey audio series with Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson as Romana and Leela. They even get Mary Tamm to play an evil entity who takes the form of Romana’s first incarnation.

  10. The canon is whatever the showrunners say is true, since that’s what canon is. It’s what we the viewers can be assured is true.

    And with Doctor Who, it’s all true. It all happened. There are just different realities caused by time changing.

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