A Quick Guide to Classic Who 1989 – 2005 (Television)

In the Quick Guides penultimate episode Hagan talks about Doctor Who on Television during the ‘wilderness years’ of 1989 until 2005.

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  1. I dunno, those really seem more like Lady Deathstrike claws to me…

  2. I may or may not have squealed when I saw that this was posted. I’m pretty sure my entire household heard it. It should be noted that it’s nearly 4 in the morning.

    I’m a huge fan of the TV movie (it’s a shitty movie but it’s my shitty movie) and of Paul McGann in general so I was super pleased to see that you talked about it. There’s a fair few fans that tend to forget that it even exists despite how important it actually is to the Who-niverse.

    I’m really looking forward to you talking about the audios. I started listening to Eight’s adventures a few months ago and I’m pretty damned smitten.

  3. You covered “The Curse of the Fatal Death.” My life is now complete.

  4. I googled th ename gareth Jenkins only to find A (not the) G. Jenkins works for Big finish. The original is the director of the UK Save the Children charity. https://twitter.com/garethjenkins76

    nice to see this up here, I can’t wait to see you look over the books. I know they properly inform your view of the Doctor. I’m thinking of the New adventures ft. number 7.

  5. I’m fascinated by how an “ancient” comedy video foreshadowed all of Moffat’s main tropes.

    Gotta say – It worked better as a joke.

  6. Well, Moffat didn’t really hetero-norm the Timelords. That was just incidental as he couldn’t go back and change the Masters behavior towards the Doctor in the RTD episodes.

    Also, the way I saw it the Master was just dicking around with the Doctor, playing on the hope that he/she was another surviving Timelord and then shattering it, by revealing that it was him/her. None of the things Missy does is done because of she wants to enter a romantic relationship with the Doctor – it is just the Master being evil and tempting the Doctor with going down a similar path.

    • Except Missy referred to the Doctor as “her boyfriend” when the Doctor wasn’t even around to hear her say it, which would suggest that her feelings were genuine. I see her as actually wanting to grow close to the Doctor again, even if she has a really screwed-up way of showing her affection.

  7. I fucking love Mcgann, the only larger Mancrush I have is with Kenji Matsuda (of Versus fame)

  8. Where was that last sketch from?

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