A Quick Guide to Classic Who – Season 24

Hagan is doing a guide to Classic Doctor Who. The whole thing! This is Season 24.

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  1. With ‘Dragonfire, did you notice the film references? Apart from some similarity with the ‘Alien’ films, ‘The Wizard Of Oz’…
    Dorothy Gale McShane (Ace) travels to the strange land, carrying around her ‘pet’ Nitro in a bag.
    She hooks up with shabby simpleton, scarecrow Glitz.
    They meet the wizard Merlin, the Doctor, who carries Dorothy away in his flying machine at the end.
    Also with him is the cowardly lion, screaming Mel, with her curly red hair and red bow.
    Their gang is completed when the tin man arrives, the robot.
    Their enemy is the wicked witch Kane, who is defeated by being melted.

    Then also we have ‘Ace In Wonderland’…
    Ace follows the white rabbit Timelord down his mysterious hole.
    Since Ace is a transvestite, a young blonde girl in a dress wanders around to provide the proper visuals.

    These films are known for synchronising with the Pink Floyd albums ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and ‘The Wall’. The entire serial also synchronises with both albums at once. For example Ace sweeps Kane’s coin away: “Money, get away!”
    I’ve noticed this with another serial. ‘Ghost Light’ looks a lot like ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and also synchronises with the soundtrack album. For example Ace dresses up as a man singing, “I’m a sweet transvestite…”

  2. Also, concerning the appearance of Mel, as I recall the Doctor only took her on as a companion because he was told that would definitely happen in the future. But clearly he never actually CHOSE to be with her.
    It seems the same with River Song: This annoying woman comes along and convinces the Doctor that she is his wife in the future. So he marries her!

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