A Series of Unfortunate Reviews, The Wide Window – The Dom

The Dom reviews the 5th and 6th episodes of Netflix’s attempt to adapt the works of Daniel Hander.

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Reviewer of games, TV shows and movies. The Dom also likes to look at film adaptations of books and talk about what got lost transitioning from page to screen.


  1. Just this video reminds me of childhood despite not seeing the show yet. I can practically smell the Lorna Doone cookies that I used to always eat when reading the books. *sigh* Lastly, I’m glad to hear that the show is getting better.

  2. Yeah, there’s less VFD involvement in these episodes, though I’m a little disappointed that the androgynous associate had his part removed entirely. I suppose he did steal Hooky’s role in The Reptile Room mind you. Also, what’s up with that ending? The orphans end up at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill anyways so the ending didn’t need to be changed.

    I agree that the lighthouse beam being used to light a fire is even more stupid than in the book, especially since the not parents just happened to be flying over at the right time, and yeah, Klaus might have a bit of a Legolas Effect going on. I do have to wonder if the powder faced women aren’t favoured as well as they seem to get the most screentime and spoken lines out of all the theatre troupe in this series.

    Overall I have less to say about this one, but that’s because I think it’s more true to the book overall. There’s minor stuff like The Anxious Clown not having neon lights in this version, but that’s not a big deal. I look forward to watching The Miserable Mill, though I don’t look forward to having to wait a year for the next season.

  3. It amuses me that you kept accusing a grammar Nazi of ‘abstract cowardice’; if she were there, she’d tell you it’s ‘abject cowardice’.

    Then again, several of her grammatical points weren’t actually about grammar. (And I can’t remember a single example.)

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