A Silent Voice – Weekly Manga Recap

Every often, between the battles and fanservice, you find a manga that has a beautiful story to tell. Oh, sorry, I was talking about World Trigger this week.

A Silent Voice – 6:04

A Silent Voice *SPOILERS* – 34:21

Black Clover c. 64 – 1:04:02

Bleach c. 676 – 1:15:15

Boruto c. 2 – 1:22:25

Fairy Tail c. 488 – 1:28:28

Food Wars c. 169 – 1:36:08

My Hero Academia c. 93 – 1:45:05

One Piece c. 828 – 1:55:24

Toriko c. 373 – 1:58:46

World Trigger c. 146 – 2:00:06

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  1. EmoTheWonderGirl

    Shoko is legally/medically deaf, but can somewhat tell when sound is happening around her (my understanding is that this is common). There is a chapter in book 6 where the author illustrates this beautifully even going so far as to show the difference between what she can hear with her hearing aids and without. This series is a beautiful gut punch delivered with utter honesty and fairness.

  2. Ericthebearjew1

    Sometimes it seems like Japanese society is irrationally afraid of being the least bit human, what with that pathetic, lifeless honne-tatamae bullshit.

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