A Week On Juicing – Day 1 – MikeJ

Mike tries out a juice/cleanse diet – how will he cope drinking nothing but fresh juice for 7 whole days?

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  1. I really hope you pick my home made V8 which I posted in the previous video. You don’t just have to drink Juice three times a day, you can have as much as I think 6 glasses depending on the sugar content of each of the juices. You can also just eat the fruit if you want something solid.

  2. Be careful fructose in fruit can make you fatter and very ill if you consume too much.

  3. Here’s an idea ya dingus: do all your juicing at once…

  4. Stick another glass or one of those bowls under the spout to catch the drips after juicing.

  5. I’m pretty sure most of these juicing diets allow in between “snack” juices or more than one glass at a meal. And I’m sure most of us wouldn’t call it cheating if you had a second glass, besides we’d probably all like to see you try more of the recipes.

  6. I hate that you do this to your body. The most nutritious part of fruit and vegetables is the pulp wherein lies the majority of its beneficial micronutrients. And only 3 puny glasses a day? Have you even calorie counted to see what that is?

    1 orange: ~62 calories (probably less without the pulp)
    2 kiwis: ~84 calories
    1 carrot: ~30 calories
    ~1 cup pineapple: ~82 calories

    I can’t recall what else you had…but this is absurd and outrageous for your body.

    Of course you’re going to be very hungry…you’re starving yourself for no reason. I can’t watch these videos. At least by actually eating the whole fruit/veg you might feel “somewhat” fuller than by drinking only the juice.

    And why, oh why, are you only doing 3 servings a day? Technically you should be doing 5-6 servings per day or more, especially since an 8oz glass IS a small serving. 3 meals a day is based on a much higher calorie diet than this.

  7. Like wickedsnort said: If your going to do this you should probably do a juice feast rather than a juice fast. Here’s a short summary from Steve Pavlina’s blog (he did a 30 day juice feast):

    “Juice feasting isn’t quite the same thing as juice fasting. On a juice feast, the goal is to drink enough fresh juice that you aren’t restricting calories at all. In practice that means drinking at least a gallon of fresh juice per day.

    All these juices must be made fresh, so nothing is pasteurized. However, it’s okay to make a day’s worth of juice in the morning and then drink it in batches throughout the day.

    It can be a bit labor intensive to make so much juice. I estimate it will take me 60-90 minutes per day, including prep and clean-up. But that isn’t bad because time is gained by not having to eat. I can drink my juice while working at my desk if I want.”

    He’s got a lot of other resources in his post about it here:

  8. Hmm, I think I heard somewhere that juice is actually a lot less healthy than eating the fruit normally, especially consuming it to the exclusion of all other foodstuffs. Setting aside what valuable nutrients you may lose from the juicing process, you’re effectively dumping liquid sugars into your system all at once without the actual tangible mass that your body needs to break down to get at it, so you burn through the energy a lot quicker and give yourself a series of brief sugar highs.

  9. I had no idea you were only planning on doing 3 glasses a day. This isn’t like the field ration diet where what you ate technically gave you the nutrients you needed to get through the day. 3 glasses isn’t going to give you nearly what you need. No one is going to think less of you for modifying the rules at this point. I’d go so far to say that it might be a good idea to add a serving of fresh fruits and vegetables to go with each glass of juice.

  10. Ok, this juice diet is a bad, bad idea. Especially at only 3 juice glasses a day.

    I should warn you that Steve Jobs died because of his Fruit-only diet that fucked up his digestive system something fierce. One week is probably not too bad, and I hope you’re at least drinking water, but this might be dangerous Mike.

  11. I would love to see you take on a paleo diet! I’ve been doing one for two weeks now and have lost weight rapidly. Would love to see how you do on it

  12. I don’t “get” juicing.

    Why not just eat the fruit? That way you get all the fibre, goodness, etc from the skins, pulp, etc?

    With juicing you’re getting all of the sugars and calories, and none of the fibres to slow down the release of those sugars into your blood stream… Youre likely to make yourself fatter!

    Can someone correct me if I’m wrong? Just what is the point in juicing?

    (And yes – I’m aware juicing also refers to a masturbationary technique)

  13. Um, I hope this isn’t another one of those dangerous diets where you look terrible by the end of it. By the way, I remember being in England and wondering why a charger wasn’t working. My cousin flipped the switch on the outlet and it worked just fine, and I felt like an idiot, but we don’t have those switches here in NA. What function do those serve? Is it a power conservation tool? I would assume so, but I had no idea outlets that weren’t in use, used power. Or is it more for items that are always plugged in, so that you don’t have to move them and can just flip a switch?

  14. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ok mike three glasses a day and not eating anything else is bad you should at least eat something else(which you probably did after filming this video but just in case)!!! Eat fruits or cereal or whatever you have lying around your house so that yu won’t g hungry.

  15. Out of ALL of the diets that I’ve tried, I’ve never tried a juicing diet. I pity you right now, Mike.

  16. The cucumber, pineapple “ananas”, and apple was kind of my idea initially you bastard, just kidding no hard fellings I hope for calling you bastard Mike.

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