A Week On Juicing Day 5 – MikeJ

Is it over yet?

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  1. No comments?? Or is my browser broken?
    What can we expect for day 6? More juice?

  2. Oh….I really am the only person on the internet who clicked on this…next week: 38 year old “boy” vs 35 year old “girl” in ‘A week of collecting unemployment checks.

  3. I am surprised that your wife lets you do this. If I were Grace, I’d have started smuggling protein powder into your drinks by day 3 at latest. X_X I mean, I’m still watching this, but, man, why do you do this to yourself, man, you deserve better than being the internet’s guinea pig.

  4. At the end of the week you probably would have lost a bunch of muscle mass, and regain fat while eating normally again… Thats the danger of these “diets” that are cutting calories and nutrient so roughly.

  5. Keep going, Mike! 🙂

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