A Week On Juicing Day 6 – MikeJ

…..Day 6

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  1. Eat the sandwich!

  2. Hey Mike, not telling you to cheat, but you seriously look like hell, and I’m sure your wife is on you even while supporting you.
    If I may make a suggestion, when doing these kind of things, make some rice.
    People have noted before, as you have, that you’ll loose muscle mass and do harm to yourself without some bulk/fiber in these fad diets, and afterwards even with your amazing willpower you could over eat as well after the week is done.

    Best way to make rice so as not to change the effect of your going for is to get an electric rice cooker, and rinse and stir your plain white rice in the cooking kettle until the water runs clear. Cook it, and have it as bulk to give your body something to work with.
    Won’t add calories, or nutrition, just bulk for your body to handle.
    That stuffs like candy, trust your diabetic fan on this.
    One more day bro, good luck.

  3. Mike, I love your videos, and I don’t mean this as a criticism of them, but you look *terrible*. This can’t be good for you.

  4. I have to agree with the other comments, you look terrible. Please don’t hospitalize yourself to make videos.

  5. “A week on soup” would make a lot more sense, mixing the stuff together with water would make them keep their fibers and nutrients, instead of that pointless juice, aka you would be a lit fuller.

  6. Oh my gosh, Mike. You’re looking practically ill and much older than you should. Get off of this juicing challenge, man, it’s gonna kill you! D:

  7. He is really lethargic as shit. Someone stop him before he ends up hospitalized for an eating disorder.
    I’m dead serious; he could very much develop one from this if he doesn’t get some actual food and nutrition on board soon. I speak from experience. :/

    Mike, you are putting yourself at major risk for heart failure, among other things. Please quit early, and EAT. Please. D:

  8. I was LOL’ing at you sniffing the sandwich. Like I said previously, out of all of the 20 something diets that I’ve been on, I have NEVER tried a juicing diet.

  9. You can eat the sandwich – you just have to juice it first. I wonder how much juice you can get out of a sandwich?

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