A Week On Slimfast Day 3 – MikeJ

Are things getting any easier on day 3 of the slimfast diet?

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  1. I don’t blame you for the burger, Mike, especially since it was in the right calorie range.

  2. This diet seems massively stupid to me.

    The key to whenever I do one (every few years or so) is to eat lots of *volume*. It doesn’t matter that some “diet bar” has only 210 calories – it’s tiny. You could eat almost half a pound of chicken, or 300g of potatoes for the same calories, but actually feel full afterwards. (Yes, obviously not prepared by deep-frying both). And much, much more if you’re going for salads and other vegetables.

    If people only look at the total calories of some product – no wonder they’re not losing weight. Because they’re not full, and cheeseburger happen.

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