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This week it’s Avatar Aang, of Avatar: The Last Airbender (or if you prefer, Avatar: The Legend of Aang, because ‘Airbender’ sounds a bit odd to British ears.

Do you find it odd when people overlook the main character of a show for some other member of the cast? It’s more common than I realised when I started to think about it…

Anyway, Aang it is. Enjoy!

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  1. “Avatar: the Legend of Aang” – is that something similar to “Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles”?

  2. Aw, this makes me want to watch the show again. I haven’t seen it since it came on live. My favorite for the most part was Katara and then in the last two seasons, Zuko.

  3. About Aang’s love for Katara. I think what we see in both Guru Pathik’s instruction and in Aang’s “letting go” in that battle that there are two kinds of love at work. Aang is certainly attracted to Katara and wants to be with her, but out of genuine concern for her, he must let that go so that he can fight to defend her. One kind of love is focused on your own desire (physically and emotionally), whereas the other is focused on what is best for the other.

    As much as I hate to make this comparison, Anakin tried to make the same argument in Attack of the Clones, that while Jedi are forbidden to love in one sense, they are encouraged to do so in another. The problem there is that he didn’t understand the difference between the two. Aang did.

  4. My favorite Avatar character? I don’t see how I could choose. It was such a groundbreaking show, and all of its characters are so metal. I wouldn’t like to wrestle with a Toph question like that.

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