Accrington Stanley 1989 & 2017 (Milk) – Infomercialism

Accrington Stanley? Who are they? EXACTLY. Find out what the milk supping kid from the 80’s is up to now!

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  1. Interesting. I’ve probably never heard of this because I live in America. Although, milky vodka sounds kinda good to me.

  2. caffeinatedkate

    Alcoholic milk, isn’t that what the kids drank in the Clockwork Orange? (I don’t know, I only ever saw it once). Is weird stuff from films arriving in the real world again? Either way, it sounds repulsive.

    Also, I like the Bubbleworks t-shirt.

  3. 40% is a normal standard for Vodka and not just in or from Russia or Poland, but I think all over the world Mike.

  4. I’m sure you know that Black Cow has a website which I just searched for and watched their video on the chemical process of turning grass-fed pasture cow’s milk into eventually vodka.

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