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The Supergirl from Krypton!..Just in case you thought she was the Supergirl from Branson, Missouri. Linkara takes a look at Action Comics #252.

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  1. Whats funny though, I can actually believe Super Girls father did launch her into space and force her to watch cheesy movies. Granted, she is missing at least two robots and her sarcasm is lacking, damn, I need to get more MST3K now.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Seriously omg when it got closer to the end I thought supergirl was an adult and nice to know that superman not knowing that just drop her off at an orphanage(I do agree with you he was quite rude in this otherwise decent comic). It’s a weird origin I’ll say that too just that there related so best for superman was to introduce her to people on her new city(but nope orphanage you go). I actually thought next weeks villian origin wold be doctor strange but now having looked up the comic book name its suprising that that one hero in the avengers used to be a villian(and frankly I like that heroes superhero version better than the villian version but till next week).

  3. This is one of my favorite reviews from you! It might only be because you mention that your own initials are LL. Seriously, I’ve noticed that for a long time now! Is the villain for next week the Joker? He’s the most well known DC villain. You should have mentioned how Power Girl was an alternate version and she had the skimpiest costume of all.

  4. Since you’ve been focusing on characters that are currently in the spotlight in live-action media, I’m totally calling that the villain you’ll be looking at is the Joker.

  5. A few years after Kara Zor-El was introduced, the magic Supergirl story was reprinted in one of those Giant Size editions. I presume to avoid confusion, they gave magic Supergirl red hair, made her blouse gold and her skirt green, keeping the insignia, boots, belt, and cape the traditional red and yellow.

  6. Eh, having to remain in control at the time would probably ruin the experience.

  7. Is it just me, or does Super Linkara-Ette look like The Nostalgia Chick’s best friend Nella?

    I haven’t yet seen a single episode of the new Supergirl TV show on CBS, because it’s on when the Gotham TV series is on Fox, and I don’t have TiVo or DVR, and don’t even get me started on setting it to record on my VCR, ‘cause I threw that antique out of my house 3 years ago.

    2:23- Seriously, New 52, enough of the Superman/Wonder Woman romance.

    5:40- Ha, ha, ha! Oh, those 1950s sure were sexist.

    6:54- At least the costume designer of the Supergirl TV series gave her pantyhose.

    9:49- For those who don’t know, Linkara was referencing Linda Danvers, the 3rd Supergirl from the comics.

    10:55- At least Supergirl’s backstory got updated Post-Crisis.

    15:22- I’m even sure that Superman’s best buddy Batman would be kind enough to give Kara a secret identity. And people think that Superman in Man of Steel was stupid.

    17:47- You think you and DC Universe characters with the initials “L.L.” have it bad, MY initials are “E.T.”

    19:22- X-RAYS! DON’T! WORK THAT WAY!!!

    20:35- At least Peter O’Toole wasn’t as drunk in the 1984 Supergirl movie as he was in Caligula. Also, I’m still happy I have my DVD copy of the movie signed by Helen Slater, who played the titled character.

    • Helen Slater had a cameo in the Supergirl pilot, too.

    • My initials are H.H.. Two syllables each, said in the same pattern as Peter Parker. I used to pretend I was a comic book character.

      Dean Cain was in it too, ayakhaleesi. He was her adoptive father. I was really hoping we’d see more of them.
      It’s like how the original live-action Flash is new live-action Flash’s father. When I saw that I had to pause Hulu and freak for a few minutes. My friends were not amused. (Yes, I am THAT comic geek.)

  8. What’s funny about the PSA Hell Month gag is that I literally did not notice until he interrupted it. Oops. Guess I’d better start paying closer attention.

  9. Let’s see, it’s your first villain, and it’s from Marvel, I’m guessing Doctor Doom?

  10. It’s not a bad origin… just… very silver-agey…

  11. I’m pretty sure they put her in an orphanage so that they had an excuse not to show her in every subsequent Superman story. With Ma and Pa Kent dead, they didn’t know where else to put her and still have her on Earth.

    Also, I like the twist in the newer comics that get rid of the chunk of the planet and just say she’s his older cousin, who was sent off earlier, in a rocket that had stasis, but arrived later for one of various reasons–wormhole, no hyperdrive, malfunction, a crash landing that kept her in stasis, etc.

  12. @6:48 Fanservice is one thing, but really? That skirt is so low placed it’s practically genital height, and she’s commando on top of that. That doesn’t exactly scream “practical for superheroics”.

  13. villain origin? okay it has to be hawk eye next week. he started out as a iron man villain before becoming a good guy

  14. Superman was a baby when Krypton exploded and Supergirl is clearly much younger than him. Why wouldn’t he believe she wasn’t born when Krypton exploded?

  15. One of the groups of Trick-or-Treaters we had this year was a cluster of Super Girls! We had hot-pants and bishop sleeves, pink instead of red in a tutu and butterfly wings, curly haired headband from Crisis, white t-shirt from the cartoon, a cheerleader looking one, and a little sister dressed as a dinosaur princess. (She couldn’t decide if she wanted to be a dinosaur OR a princess, so why not both?)
    They all met while hunting candy and decided to hang out for the rest of the night. They were looking for the group of Batgirls (I hadn’t seen them yet) to takes pictures together.

  16. “Lois Lane replaced her when I became SuperMAN!” Holy shit! It’s like he’s flat out saying “I changed my name so I needed a new chick to go along with it.”

  17. I know you said you don’t have TV, but I was wondering if you’d seen the new Supergirl series and, if so, what you think?

    • Personally, I feel like it’s pretty meh overall based off of the first episode. It’s not bad, but the feminist message was hammered in WAY too hard (“Why can’t I be called Super WOMAN?!”) and there was quite a bit of plot convenience like how a group just captures her, brings her to their secret base just to tell her what’s going on and deny her help, and then just let her go for no real reason. I feel like even today it’s hard to do a live-action superhero show right, though, so it’s really not much of a surprise that the show could use some improvement.

      At least they used the good backstory and tried to justify stuff, though, so that’s something.

  18. 7:40 – A few other things such as The Eradicator, some iterations of Brainiac, Doomsday…

    5:30 – Never mind the bubble of air. What about gravity? What is holding them to the chunk?
    If they were flung into space what are they using in place of a sun for heat or light?

    14:05 – I think the holes in the lead shielding are small and few enough that they can be avoided or don’t pose much risk for brief direct exposure. The problem is with the air acting as a medium for the radiation to accumulate to deadly levels thus taking longer.

  19. Dear Linkara,
    I know you read these comments so I’m hoping you can help me out here.
    I know there was a past video where you discussed Supergirl’s publication history and all the different things DC has done to her and her backstory over the years, but I can’t remember what one it was.

  20. One day there will arrive a Kryptonian named El-El. Stitched along on the inside of his headband will be the prophecy that brings all of the L.L.s full circle around his fashion faux pas. The issue will come with an L.L. Bean gift card and L.L. Cooj J’s All the World: Greatest Hits album.

  21. I prefer it when Supergirl is greeted on Earth by some giant mechanical suits. Didn’t like it when she beat the snot out of Superman a few times.

  22. The Supergirl in the title card looks like Nella.

  23. If I’m completely honest, a PSA hell episode would have been just fine by me.

    (With this I don’t mean I didn’t like this episode. I have yet not even seen it. Just responding to the intro. It’s just that I like those PSA hell episodes quite a lot.)

  24. Oh, and don’t forget L.L.Cool J.

  25. Oh my god! I love how the pictures are like Where’s Waldo with Aquaman! 😀 Also, thank you for playing Christina Aguilera. That made me so happy. 😀

  26. Wow, they sure improved on the logic for her origin in the 90s Superman animated series!

  27. no lead paint jokes? I am disappoint.

  28. Hey, when are we getting a Congorilla movie?

  29. I have been kinda curious about this for a while, what is the significance behind the “EL” is it suppose to be a Kyptonian surname or something? Jor-EL, Ka-EL, Kara-Za-EL.

  30. I want to hear more about that Gun Toting Gorilla.

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