Adam Adamant Lives Reviews Ep1 and 2 – Diamanda Hagan

A crazed adventurer/ spy/ mass murderer/ superhero is frozen in 1901 and wakes up in the 60s, where he discovers a great need for his talents!

Hagan takes an ep-by-ep look at the 60s answer to Austin Powers! Series 1 Episode 1 ‘A Vintage Year for Scoundrels’. Where Edwardian superspy is frozen and wakes up in the swinging 60! (Groovy, baby!)

Episode 2 ‘Death has a Thousand faces’. Where Adam has to stop gangsters from destroying Blackpool! (The blighters!)

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  1. Brilliant! I never knew that Adam Ant’s name comes from this show, even though I consider myself a fan. Thank you

  2. Oh, the opening music was changed. I’m guessing copyright problems while posting it to YouTube? I’ll miss the Horses! Horses! Horses!

  3. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I love that because it was fashionable in 1966 London for young men to dress in Edwardian garb (they were known as Teddy Boys), Adam–who is actually from Edwardian times–blends right in in 1966 London. I’ll bet that was how the idea for the series came about; someone in 1966 observed some Teddy Boys and thought, “If a man from 1902 were transported to modern times, nobody would even notice!”

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