Adam Adamant Lives Reviews – Ep11 and 12

A crazed adventurer/ spy/ mass murderer/ superhero is frozen in 1901 and wakes up in the 60s, where he discovers a great need for his talents!

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  1. 11: In my day job, I am a stockbroker, so this is something I can speak to. It is possible to sell shares of a company that you don’t own, however, because of the regulations surrounding it, you have to prove that you either have the cash/borrowing power to buy the shares back, or that you have them on deposit somewhere else. The former can get expensive as a broker will charge you to borrow the shares that you don’t own in order to sell them, all of which is quite traceable.
    The latter option wouldn’t apply to the scheme they describe in the episode since they say they would be buying them cheap, expecting a downward plunge.

    Maybe the rules were more lax in the 1960’s; but I, like you, suspect this explanation is bullshit.

  2. Maybe it is a British thing because if I am remembering it right in the James Bond Casino Royal remake the evil banker is using his knowledge of future terrorist attacks to do the exact same thing.

  3. You can tell these are re upload episode Diamanda originally did awhile back not only due to some of the joke cutaways feeling a bit old but the cameos as well. A Film Brain Symbolism and yeah Sad Panda mother fucker feel so… 2011/2012 at latest if it’s not a full on satire of those running gags. Decent reviews all the same though since all Adam Adamant kind of runs together so do the reviews as well but eh when you have a formulaic source material not much you can do right?

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