Advent Children – What We Had to Watch

Let’s not dilly dally. It’s time to talk about the sequel to that one game that TOTALLY holds up.

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  1. lol, love that Final Fantasy Robot Chicken sketch.

  2. Шнат а Doцcнeьag! ОМG!

  3. We’ll only Dilly Dally if we need to Shilly Shally…

  4. “…Didn’t need a sequel.”

    That right there is the problem. Some stories lend themselves very well to sequels. Star Wars is probably the best example I can think of. Maybe Batman Begins with The Dark Knight.

    But FF7 is a fairly self-contained story that, in itself, is epic in nature and length. It’s a LOT of story.

    So why would a sequel be necessary? Maybe if we are curious about what happens to the characters after the original story ended. But, wait. We only see a very few of them until near the end. What about a villain continuing to pose a threat? Star Wars: A New Hope still had Darth Vader and the Empire. But FF7? Sephiroth was dead, and I don’t think Jenova was much of a threat.

    Bottom line, I just don’t think there was much to latch onto for sequel material. And certainly the movie didn’t really give us anything nearly on the scale that the original game did. So what was the point?

    It is said that, after the success of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien was asked to do a sequel. He tried, but realized that, with Sauron gone, there just wasn’t anything in Middle Earth to present enough of a threat to warrant continuing the story. I kind of feel the same way about FF7: Advent Children. There really just wasn’t much left to fill a movie. And it shows. Badly.

  5. Ironically your analysis actually gave me new appreciation towards this movie instead of making me like it less. I already did like it but way you put it made me realise that maybe there is more to AC than I had realised.

  6. Pretty nice review. Really enjoyed it. 🙂

  7. i don’t really think cloud was emo in the game. he was more hopeful and silly in the game. the only problem with the movie is that the plot is kinda over complicated. they should have been better at making it a stand alone movie as well as a sequel.

  8. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    My biggest problem with advent child, is how much it pointed out my lack of understanding of the game plot

  9. Dude, this was pretty friggin’ awesome. Love when humor and analysis meet. Also liked your take on Kingdom Hearts, which mostly has the same problems as this. Can’t wait to see more.

  10. I, to this day, believe that the motorbike chase in the Lego Movie was a direct reference to Advent Children. Atleast the one scene where Emmett is taking the bike from left to right over the highway in a very “illogical way” and wild stay jumps off an exploding bike.
    Really close to the bike scene from AC.

  11. footballmchuskerpants

    Please never stop making videos. I can’t get enough of the stuff you make, and this video is a perfect example of why. I first watch AC when I was in high school and loved it. When I was in college, I found it in a bargain bin at Walmart, so obviously I picked it up and couldn’t wait to watch it. I don’t remember if I even made it through it a second time (I think not) and I haven’t bothered watching it again since. I could never explain my radical change in opinion, but your video really helped me understand things I felt about AC when watching it the second time but could never really understand.

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