Adventures in Babysitting – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara and family just saw Adventures in Babysitting. Plus we finally find out why Tamara never saw any movies growing up.

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  1. Oh. Forever, I’ve thought these were the same movie. I don’t think I’ve seen this one. I’ve only seen the other one, which was weird, since it was on Disney Channel of all places.

  2. Awwww, that was sweet. I had a friend who grew up in a house like that; It wasn’t that they were overly strict, Flanders style, it just happened that they didn’t watch a lot of movies; I think that most of what she saw as a kid she saw at friends’ houses. They did have The Brady Bunch and Bewitched on VHS, which is where I got to see those for the first time, so it wasn’t all uneven.

  3. Oh, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is hilarious

  4. You have such cooperative parents to sit very focused in front of the camera just to film your post-movie viewing reviewing show Tamara.

  5. I don’t really know that kind of life that you Channel Awesome acting members have parents who are usually willing and able to act or participate almost professionally and sometimes fully professionally in your movie-critiquing reviews, I wish my Russian-Jewish parents and grandparents or some family members could do that, huh some guys have all the freaking luck.

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