Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle – Nostalgia Critic

After years of being asked, the Nostalgia Critic looks at the animated dud that bored the world…but was it worth the hate?

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  1. Okay, Doug. There is a UNIVERSE of difference between Trump and Clinton. I am sick of people acting as if one is as bad as the other. Trump is evil and must not be elected President, period. He IS “Fearless Leader”.

    • Sorry, but no. Yeah, Trump IS a dumbass. But Clinton is two-faced and an hypocrite. Not to mention than both have “interesting” projects on each side, and will start them as soon as one of them is elected.

      • There is no comparison.

        Despite years of fishing expeditions, no one has been able to successfully bring down Hillary Clinton. There is a cottage industry profiting off of propping up Clinton scandals and rubes who will eat it up every time.

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      • She may have faults too but NONE are as bad as everyone is making them out to be, do people forget that EVERY SINGLE president has lied about one thing or another and not done everything they promised?

        Trump on the other hand is a conundrum, he doesn’t lie, he’s blatantly evil and says things that are racist, sexist and outright retarded and people love it some how.

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    • He never said there was no difference, just that that particular joke applied to both of them equally.

  2. I really hope reviews Alice Through The looking glass because while I do really like that movie, I do admit that there are problems in it, and the NC already did a review for the 2010 movie.

  3. Rocky and Bylleinkle at last! And… I agree with the Critic, I think it’s okay. I’m glad I’m not alone in that regard.

  4. I love Rocky & Bullwinkle, but I’ve never been interested in the Hollywood obsession with bringing classic cartoons into the real world. It just doesnt’ fit

  5. I think Doug’s Nostalgia Critic has a hard time putting himself in the context of the prior eras, even ones he lived through.

    Very few comedies are as timeless as Mel Brooks films, and Rocky and Bullwinkle was really funny in it’s day. What seems corny now was edgy in 1959. My parents and older relatives loved Rocky and Bullwinkle for it’s humor while not caring much for the Flintstones or other animated shows of the era.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, the stuff he thinks is so sophisticated and edgy now (like Stephen Universe) will one day be considered corny and quaint too.

  6. I do hate this movie. But to be fair, I hated the cartoon, too (sorry, I just never found it funny). Maybe for me, it being like the cartoon was the problem.

  7. There was also a Dudley Do-Right movie starring Brendan Fraser. I think he should review that one, too!

  8. Well…THAT was a fun review! Gonna be chuckling to myself all night. Rocky and Bullwinkle evaluated through the lens of Amadeus. I can’t get over how clever that is.

  9. Funny… I liked this movie, too.

    And, yeah, even I requested that NC would review it, only to see his thoughts on it. I wanted to see if the comedy excused the film for being purposely bad, or if the film tried too hard to excuse itself to a point where it was actually bad.

    What was up with the joke about the Statue of Liberty, though? Was it meant to show the Twin Towers? Did he think it would be bad taste and showed the Statue of Liberty instead? I am aware that the Twin Towers showed up in the movie.

  10. YES., YES., YES., a thousand and one times YES., I saw this vile plague of a movie in theaters., I don’t even have to watch this review to say that it deserves the hate., in fact it took me a good five years before I can view anything Rocky and Bullwinkle related & I freaking love Rocky and Bullwinkle.,,.

  11. the play off of Amadeus was amazing. this movie is a guilty pleasure. It all boils down to Jay ward. The man knew how to work with minimal concepts and churn out gold. i’m even kinda sad you skipped over the joke of Boris leaving the J ward of the hospital. thats hilarious because of how bad it is, thats the kinda thing Jay ward loved. again interesting you chose to mention George of the jungle because thats another of his creations.

    rose red for the sacrificial Stephen King story

    Cant wait for whats next

  12. Now to sit back and wait for the Dudley Do Right review.

  13. I should give this a look. I laughed at a good chunk of these jokes (and cringed at a few as well)

  14. what was up with the guy with the ghostbusters scarf? What does that reference to?

  15. Man, I thought I was the only one who liked this…

  16. Say what you will, but that Amadeus parody was pitch-perfect.

  17. I don’t care what anyone says, I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle. The show and the movie. Haven’t seen it in years but I remembered it was full of cheesy puns which I love and I thought Jason Alexander and Renee Russo were great as Boris and Natasha and well…June Foray, she’s a VA legend. I even thought the plot was ridiculously entertaining and had a lot of heart.

  18. I very much disagree about the middle and the big bang theory, the other ones I also think are trash though.

  19. Ok you putting 2 broke girls, the middle and the big bang theory next to keeping up with the kardashians ? No, fuck you.

    • No, fuck *you*. It’s Doug’s show and he’s entitled to his own opinions. He can feel any way that wants to about those shows. Just because you like those shows doesn’t mean that everybody has to. You need to grow some thicker skin and accept that not everybody feels the same way about everything.

  20. 1- I was a huge fan of the original cartoon. I still didn’t enjoy this movie a bit. None of the jokes were funny.
    2- Is it a lil tasteless to do suicide jokes, especially considering….

  21. I never saw the original Rock and Bullwinkle cartoon. I remember seeing this movie as a kid but it must have been so forgettable because I can only vaguely remember this. Based on this review, I think present day me would like this movie. Although, you think that 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory are awful? O.O

    • The Real Silverstar

      No offense, but I notice you say “I never saw this” a lot in these comments. I read that you’re planning to start your own YouTube channel, perhaps as one of the features you could start a show called “Happymel’s Never Seen’. 😉

      (That was just a joke, BTW; please don’t be offended. It’s hard to express humor in black-and-white text.

    • I saw it in reruns as a kid, and I never recall finding them funny, nor really getting the point (I was always confused as to why a moose and a flying squirrel were being chased by two eerie Russian people who wanted to kill them…other shows I watched as a kid, like Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and Rugrats, I could at least follow). I saw this movie on TV as a teenager, and thought it was amazingly stupid (the Roger Rabbit joke was eye-roll-worthy; pro-tip, don’t remind people of other, better movies they could be watching). I guess I can see that it was more for fans of the show, but…I would think adaptations would want to appeal to a wider audience.

  22. You putting 2 broke girls, the middle and the big bang theory next to keeping up with the kardashians ? No, you might not like those shows for….. whatever reason but get out of here, you can’t do that.

    • The Real Silverstar

      He can and he did. That’s his opinion.

    • Why did you post this twice? We read your complaint the first time and we don’t care. Maybe *you* should get out of here, since you’re clearly not mature enough to handle a different opinion. If this is how you’re going to react when someone dislikes a show that you like, perhaps you should quit the internet altogether, since the ‘net is full of people with opinions.

      You also need to stop telling people how to think and feel since you’re not running anything but your mouth.

  23. While the review of the film itself is solid, I haven’t seen Amadeus so the whole story skit was rather annoying. I know they couldn’t do another Ghostbusters 2016 plot, but still. it felt kind of forced and awkward.

  24. It probably took me longer than it should have to notice the references to Amadeus.

  25. Totally missed Piper Perabo in Beverly Hills Chihuahua, I’ve never seen those other movies

  26. You didn’t see the short that Dreamworks Animation did? You’re really missing out, man.

  27. … Was that Steve Irwin’s head in hell?

  28. Some of those shows aren’t that bad.

  29. I honestly don’t remember this movie at all, I think I saw it like 2 times but left no impact on me.

  30. I’m glad that Doug noted how Bullwinkle didn’t really say “Whazzuuuuup?” in the scene where he’s wearing sunglasses. That was just dubbed in for the trailers, most likely under the belief that a character spouting out a hip buzzword would have made the film seem more appealing to kids. The problem was that “Whazzuuuup?” was already kind of dated by the time this movie was released, so there was no reason to insert it.

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