Air Gear – Weekly Manga Recap

The only skating manga where Obama taking over the body of a 15-year old Japanese school isn’t the dumbest thing that happens.

Air Gear – 1:25

Black Clover c. 80 – 1:46:07

Fairy Tail c. 504 – 1:52:37

Food Wars c. 185 – 1:54:23

My Hero Academia c. 109 – 2:02:42

One Piece c. 841 – 2:09:36

The Promised Neverland c. 9 – 2:16:58

Red Sprite c. 5 & 6 – 2:20:26

Toriko c. 389 – 2:21:36

Weekly MVPs – 2:27:41

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My God, Air Gear sucks so much.

Neo Ultra Mike
You know when I saw you guys were going to wind up doing this manga I had this morbid curisoity to check out the series. Because sometimes it is funnier and more amusing to actually first see the thing getting torn apart and having your own annoyances on top of something in preparation to see a critic tear into a specific kind of media. Which is a weird thought I know but eh sometimes I like doing that and I did find a site that had all of Air Gear available to read for free so figured “eh why not”.… Read more »

Give you guys’ title artist a cookie, because he did incredibly well this time… XD