Air Gear – Weekly Manga Recap

The only skating manga where Obama taking over the body of a 15-year old Japanese school isn’t the dumbest thing that happens.

Air Gear – 1:25

Black Clover c. 80 – 1:46:07

Fairy Tail c. 504 – 1:52:37

Food Wars c. 185 – 1:54:23

My Hero Academia c. 109 – 2:02:42

One Piece c. 841 – 2:09:36

The Promised Neverland c. 9 – 2:16:58

Red Sprite c. 5 & 6 – 2:20:26

Toriko c. 389 – 2:21:36

Weekly MVPs – 2:27:41

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  1. My God, Air Gear sucks so much.

  2. You know when I saw you guys were going to wind up doing this manga I had this morbid curisoity to check out the series. Because sometimes it is funnier and more amusing to actually first see the thing getting torn apart and having your own annoyances on top of something in preparation to see a critic tear into a specific kind of media. Which is a weird thought I know but eh sometimes I like doing that and I did find a site that had all of Air Gear available to read for free so figured “eh why not”. I read the first chapter and… yeah I was just done with this series. Even from the first 60 pages you could get a feel of the crude/prentitious feel of this series and what it was about and how perverted and wonky it was and honestly it was just confusing what was going on a good portion of the time. I don’t know how you guys powered through 350+ full chapters cause even reading various other segments or bit interspliced throughout I couldn’t get into it. Granted I guess not every series is going to be as easy to plow through as say Fairy Tail (as I binged 350+ chapters of that in like a few days easily) but there just seems like so much horse shit confusion to go through. And I guess you could say that to any outsider looking in but if you’re trying to get in but there’s no clear path to walk on, who wouldn’t be an outsider?

    But yeah this was a great review tearing through all the crap in this series especially on how terrible Ikki is and how bull shit parts like the main villain’s huge plan and the poorly executed 9/11 references or the constant uses of metaphors involving wind and skating gear (it’s like someone tried telling me you were suppose to symobically take the radical talk of Rocket Power or the jargon abouts the wheels of fate from US-1 as earnest philosphy or some horse shit like that) and yeah the whole rant on what happened with Emily and “John Ohama”. Seriously this just feels like the basest form of pandering crap. With only very minor or interesting character bits sprinkeled throughout which based on what happens after they come about feel like accidents. Like the guy just tossed them and got lucky they wound up meaning anything but then went back to the pure bull shit right away. Just seems like a terrible terrible series but eh a good one to tear apart so good on you guys for that.

  3. Give you guys’ title artist a cookie, because he did incredibly well this time… XD

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