Alien 3: When Studios Interfere – Chris Stuckmann

Enjoy this in-depth discussion on the extensive pre-production of Alien 3, failed drafts, recycled ideas and the eventual theatrical cut. We also discuss the differences between the theatrical cut and the assembly cut, and which is better.

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  1. Yeah, I really don’t like this movie. The fact that two of the protagonists who went through hell to survive the previous movie (Hicks and Newt), are killed off in the opening credits sequence is such a fuck you to the audience. The movie is just so dark, drab, and depressing in general. The alien vfx are also a major step backwards from the last two movies. It was a puppet they blue screened in, and the effect does not hold up all. I have heard some of the original ideas for the film, which actually sound kinda cool, (A wooden monastery planet inhabited by monks!) but what we got did not live up to the potential.

    I will say that the ending is quite powerful though, and is easily the best part of the entire film, but hardly makes up for the rest of it. I may get crucified for this but, I actually prefer Alien Resurrection. As silly and stupid as it is, at least it’s a fun movie, which I’d re-watch over Alien 3 any day.

    • I’ve always felt that wooden planet would have been better than what we got BUT I didn’t know that that also killed off Hicks, Newt and Bishop.

      My main complaint about Alien3 has ALWAYS been the start! Always been the deaths of Hicks, Newt and Bishop!

      I did hate the Dog Scene which btw was in the theatrical cut and the Change to a Cow in the Assembly Cut was no better!

      And I hated a lot else about Alien3 too, not least of which that the ending is a complete rip-off of T2!

      BUT Overall, Over everything else, the single worst thing in Alien3, what makes it the Atrocity that it is! Is the start, Killing off Hicks, Newt and Bishop!

      The really strange thing about Alien3 is that literally every idea they had for it sounds absolutely terrible – It is very possible that the film we got was the best of those ideas, that doesn’t make it good, it just makes the other ideas even worse!

      On the other hand Alien: Resurrection actually starts out well, it’s a decent film all the way up until they unveil the Newborn, After which everyone’s just going WTF!
      Still, even with the Newborn it’s still 100x better than Alien3!

  2. wasn’t there a trailer or a short that takes place on Earth showing a horde of xenomorphs running through the streets?

  3. The Mysterious M

    Alien 3 is a lot like Halloween: H20. Both aren’t the best, but not the worst. Despite their numerous flaws, I find both movies watchable. And I accept both movies as finales of their respective franchises (despite the fact they were followed by even shittier sequels– Alien Resurrection and Halloween Resurrection)

  4. I’ve never seen Alien 3 but this was interesting. Also, Ms. Weaver doesn’t like guns? Were there not guns in the first two movies? I’ve never seen them. Lastly, what inside joke were you doing with Kong Skull Island? I didn’t get it. LOL.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      There were no guns in Alien, just cattle prods and flame throwers, both of which the crew improvised out of spare parts. The Nostromo was a freighter, so there was no reason for there to be any weapons on board.


  6. I actually liked Alien Resurrection. But then, I’m all for that sort of surreal dark humor.
    Alien 3… I think I saw it, but seem to have forgotten most of it. I *know* I saw Alien, but have also forgotten most of it.
    Didn’t care much for either, actually.

  7. When she was reinstated to go back to LV421, I think they gave her the rank of Lt. I remember that being a part of the movie, but maybe I’m not remembering correctly. .

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      It is puzzling, because Warrant Officer is a military rank, and I was under the impression the Nostromo was a merchant vessel with a civilian crew. Also, a Warrant Officer isn’t a commissioned officer, while a lieutenant is. She definitely had no military rank aboard the Sulaco. She was a civilian who was present only in an advisory capacity.

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