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Film Brain is furious with Ridley Scott’s continuation of Prometheus, that’s so damaging to the Alien series it makes that look better in retrospect…

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    A little alien dancing around: Actually, my thought was The Jackson Five. Because that sounds totally like Groot.

    You are absolutely right about this: we do not want to know the origin of the Xenomorph. We already know enough: IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE! What more do you need? A vat of chemical waste and a bolt of lightning? A radioactive spider bite? A bat flying in the window and scaring it years after its parents had been murdered in an alley?

  2. Wow, worse than Prometheus you say?? That’s bad.

  3. I liked it 7/10

  4. Is there some rule that once-impressive filmmaking talents have to go completely nuts and churn out garbage when they reach a certain age? Lucas, Spielberg, Cameron, Landis, Romero, Scott… they should have quit while they were ahead.

    As for Alien: Covenant, anyone who sees the trailer and thinks that it will be anything other than crap deserves what they get. It was pretty obvious.

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