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Chris Stuckmann reviews Alien: Resurrection.

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  1. I disagree. The style of the movie is very different from the previous entries, but each entry differed significantly from the previous ones. The closest comparision I would draw to this movie, is the first “Phantasm” movie: the whole experience has a weird, dream-like quality, like what is happening is very serious, but at the same time quite unreal. Considering our POV-characters are a clone and an android, both of which experience the world in a very slanted, detached way, the movie actually manages to accomplish its goals.

    I really like this movie. Apart from the first one, it is the only one in the series that has characters who feel like human beings (the marines in Aliens and convicts in Alien 3 are completely expandable, because they don’t have a backstory – disagree? Quick tell me one thing about Vasquez that isn’t “She is the chick who likes the big weapons”) – with the crew in Resurrection, there are many nuanced background details, which hint at their life before the movie. Ryder is actually awesome in portraying a character who has to constantly hide she is, who struggles with being accepted by humanity, while at the same time feeling more kinship with machines. And Weavers slightly unsettling performance(I would call it “predatory” or at least “competitive” rather than “sexual”) hints at her connection to the Aliens, which is revealed later.

    Also, hiding the Xenomorphs doesn’t work anymore. We all know what they look like. That is what made the remake of The Wolfman suck – not enough Wolfman. Jaws isn’t an argument for not showing the monster – the shark looked terrible, the Xenomorphs look good. And I found Newborn very unsettling – it is just close enough to human (in both appearance and behavior) to make you uncomfortable, while still looking and acting quite freakish and unpredictable.

    • Now that’s a fine opinion. Most everything I would have wanted to say, you’ve said.

      I still think it is the worst of the ‘Alien’ movies, however, despite being the worst I found it considerably more satisfying to watch than ‘Alien 3’. The movie offered things I hadn’t seen before and the stereotypes weren’t boring.
      As far as “entertainment value” goes, I’m satisfied but not as pleased as I want to be. There was never going to be another ‘Aliens’ and this is the closest to it.
      Honestly, I actually think that the worst thing about this movie is the CGI. It was just one notch below where it needed to be. If a special edition were offered today with better CGI I’d probably buy it.

      • Alien 3 was flawed, but it took itself and the franchise seriously. Resurrection is just a dumbed down action movie that is only memorable for it’s use of the Alien license.

  2. Hilariocity Reviews always make me excited. ^.^ I had never heard about this movie until that Nostalgia Critic review.

  3. “More fun and light-hearted.” Yeah, Josh was way off on that one. I think he was trying to make it more like Buffy, and that’s just not what you really want with an Alien movie. I have to agree with you. It’s like trying to get Dr. Seuss to write a Friday the 13th script.

    Actually, from what I understand, the original xenomorph design was supposed to be very penis-like, and a lot of the elements to it were meant to be very evocative of rape. So that the new design would also be penis-like is probably what they were going for, but just didn’t work as well.

  4. I agree 100% with Chris, this movie was terrible and made me appreciate the flawed, but far superior to this turd: Alien 3.

    This movie is from 1997 and bears the worst over-the-top wacky qualities of the late 90’s but also feels like a precursor to the bland and dumbed down action movies of 00’s to come.(like Resident Evil and Van Helsing)

    The characters and writing reminded me of bad direct to video knock-offs of an Alien film.

  5. Well we completely agree on this movie, and I also hated the new born… well nor completely I don’t like the alien design in it either.. too organic, they lost the biomechanical look that made Giger famous

  6. This movie is very silly, but I find it a much more enjoyable watch than Alien 3, which makes me want to kill myself it’s so damn depressing. The best part is definitely the scene with all the failed Ripley clones. And Brad Dourif is wonderfully over the top as usual. I also liked that Ron Perlman and the wheel chair guy defied expectations by actually surviving.

  7. I do disagree with Chris. I do find Alien 3 to be better than Alien Resurrection as Alien 3 can clearly be considered to be part of franchise. Only good thing about Alien Resurrection is Ron Perlman’s performance proving that he is always great no matter how bad movie he is in. Then again Alien Resurrection is not worst movie t that he has been in as that (dis)honor belongs to Mutant Chronicles movie.

    • No, the worst movie he has been in was “Season of the Witch” (the 2011 movie with Nick Cage).

      At least Mutant Chronicles is entertaining in its blundering – “Season…” is just bad & boring.

  8. Hey man…as bad as the next one is, it won’t compare to what comes afterward…

  9. I disliked the movie as well, although I tend to ignore all the ones after the second movie. I will echo other posters, however, in that I found that this film, as badly made as it was, was still far less depressing than Alien 3, so I hate it less than that movie. Resurrection is at least harmless, in that it did not destroy all the positive things that occurred from the first two.

    As a side note, I believe that they cloned Ripley because her body, as a host, contained traces of the Queen’s DNA. So, somehow the Queen embryo got cloned along with her, so they could remove it to make xenomorphs.

  10. Ripley wasn’t cloned to be a host, she was cloned because her DNA had xenomorph DNA mixed in with it, and cloning her back to life resulted in the xeomorph being inside her like an organ, essentially she was born “pregnant” with it.

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