Alien vs Predator – 1st Viewing

Did Doug and Rob have a rough reaction or a soft reaction to the crowd splitting AVP? Watch and find out.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    “While you were still learning TO SPELL YOUR NAME… I … was being trained… TO CONQUER GALAXIES!”

  2. I like this movie. Then again, this is the only Alien movie and the only Predator movie that I’ve seen all the way through so that’s probably why.

    • The original Alien and Aliens, along with the original Predator – well worth watching. I recommend you check them out.

      Thing is, both Aliens and Predator incorporate action elements into their horror, which makes them kick-butt. Alien vs. Predator gets a bad rap – and admittedly, it’s not a great as it could have been – but it’s not a terrible film by any stretch.

  3. I thought this was just meh too. It was a pretty nice looking film. Why were the humans teaming up with the Predators? It was their fault this happened! They should have teamed up with the Xenomorphs! I heard this film had like the longest credits ever.

    • Because teaming up with the Predators is the only way they have a chance to survive, obviously. If they tried to aid the Xenomorphs they’d all have been slaughtered.

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