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Chris Stuckmann reviews Aliens.

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  1. I haven’t seen Aliens either. LOL. Also, this had me looking up the franchise. Turns out that every single Alien movie is rated R. I wonder why.

  2. The Sentry Gun scene was awesome in the Special Edison

    • Yeah, I like it too but I can see why they cut it. I watched the theatrical version so much before I got the Sp Ed that when I finally considered it I realized that it offered so little to the overall film it could be cut and you wouldn’t miss it … Which explains why it was cut from the theatrical release.
      Of course if I’m going to take the time to pop in the DVD and watch it I’m watching the Sp Ed because I want the whole thing. That’s just how good the movie is. 😀

      • The one thing I liked about the special addition is the subplot with Ripley having a daughter back on earth who died decades before she was rescued. Not only does it highlight the tragedy of Ripley’s situation, it also gives her maternal bond with Newt a deeper meaning.

        • In ‘Alien’, was it ever mentioned that Ellen Ripley had a daughter? I never cared much for the original so I haven’t seen it through nearly as many times as ‘Aliens’.

  3. I think the original film is still the best, but I also freakin love this movie, you really couldn’t have a better followup than Aliens. My sister (an aspiring horror director) admitted to me just last year that she had never seen an Alien film, much to my amazement. Well, we remedied that that very night with an Alien double bill! Needless to say she loved both films.

    Anyway, the ending of Aliens truly solidifies Ripley as an ultimate bad ass. Going back into the heart of that exploding, alien infested facility to save Newt is one of the most terrifying experiences I can imagine.

  4. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Isn’t it sad that we can’t get a female action hero today with a tenth the strength Ripley had 31 years ago? Look at the heroines in recent sci-fi movies like Jupiter Rising or Jurassic World. Barbie dolls who constantly need to be rescued by men and are shamed for not having kids. 😛

  5. Ripley kicks ass! One of my favorite action heroes!

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